Any pointers? Getting started

Question from a fellow grower:

I was wondering if you could help me out with some questions I have and decisions I have to make. My first question is buying your high yield mix pack, should I plant 12 seeds, 4 of each strain? Or should I plant less. My second question is how much would I yield given 1800W of LED (converted to 1200W HPS) if it’s my first time growing. For setting up the grow lights I an either choose between (2) 900W LED’s (600W HPS converted) or (3) 600W LEDs (400W HPS converted)

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quantity depends on : growing space, indoor or outdoor, planning to LST? projected length of grow?

personally, I will not grow more than two strains at the same time. I prefer one strain at a time as different strains have diff grow rates …and different nute needs.

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If this is your first grow I would strongly advise you limit yourself to one or two plants total. There is a lot to get a handle on the first time and once you have then subsequent grows will be on cruise control. A new grower doesn’t even know the right questions to ask.

I don’t understand your description of lights. Are you saying you have LED’s that are comparable to the HPS you quoted? Because I’m confused. You should, unless buying high end LED’s, have around 50 plug watts per square foot of growing space. That’s 50 watts minimum–AT THE PLUG! Not what some marketroid wrote on the description.

Do NOT use Miracle Gro, I would strongly advise the purchase of a good PH and TDS meter–do not get a soil probe type as they are worthless. PH up and down. Download the Grow Bible. Read. Ask questions. If you want to tag someone use the @ sign like this: @dbrn32.


What he said


My guess as good as yours on lights. I’ll keep an eye out for better description.

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Dont grow seedlings in clear solo cups alone. Place them inside a solid colored cup or just use solid cup to begin with.
Don’t get blue/purple/red “blurple” lights. Or any Amazon Chinese lights. I don’t understand your light conversion remarks, but get the highest quality lights you can find. You can grow with any light, but only grow WELL with good lights. (Or so Im gathering…Im new too. Lol)
Make sure wherever you grow can be sealed 100% from light for flowering dark period. If you have equipment like humidifiers and whatnot, make sure no glow from any lights are visible. Duct tape over glow.
Don’t give seedlings nutrients. At all.
Ph meter is a must. MUST HAVE.
Make sure your fan/exhaust system is the right CFM for your size grow space.

And lastly, read, read, read. Save anything that seems helpful. Ask questions. :slight_smile: have fun!


Something that I found very helpful and I didn’t see it mentioned up above, but sorry if I’m repeating what someone else said, but I highly recommend getting one of those little calendar and note binders that come all in one. It’s great to write down any questions you have. It’s good to follow and write down the amounts of water and or nutrients you give them each time. It’s just good to write everything down so you have a reference for next time when you grow.
Have a nice morning


I am a first time grower and I would recommend you read lots and listen to the fine folks on this forum. There are many good articles on line, I learned a lot from an article called how to grow cannabis easy. My biggest take away so far is don’t rush take your time.


I agree with @Bubblehead. This is my second grow and it’s a lot different results from my first. I don’t think there is such a thing as a dumb question on this forum.
The people on here are amazing and have never steered me wrong. Good luck growing and may u have a awesome first grow. :v::crossed_fingers:I got my fingers crossed for ya!!