Any place to get top tiered plants for breeding?

Hey guys and girls I recently found out that some genetics cost just a bonkers amount of $ (copycat genetics for instance). I was wondering if anyone out there sells clones or mother plants of like highly sought after genetics for breeding? I would imagine some would because there is good money in it but some would not because that’s their pride and joy and money maker etc.
Also when it comes to these top tier plants and what not, would you theoretically be able to grow from a seed from those genetics and breed into something comparable ( eventually ) to the original plant?
Not trying to get too much into breeding how tos but just curious about those things.

I was looking at the strains crossed to make my current grow. Banana kush. All available thru seed purchases to breed and cross. Beyond my knowledge.

I heard phenos a 100 times, bobbydigital gave small explanation on same strain of seeds, different looking plants. About puppies looking different,but same gene pool. You want uniformity, thats clones.

Guys plant numerous seeds hopeing at least one meets all their requirements. Having already cloned each for possible mother plant. Taste smell the high, how she grew, didnt grow , even canopy. Etc.

Hope you find the one.

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What makes a breeder a good breeder is how stable their genetics are, anyone can breed a Tangerine strain with purple punch and call it mimosa but if every other seed tastes like grape or just Tangerine then people will call you out in reviews and bomb your reputation. If you buy from reputable breeder then they’ve back and side bred 4x+ generations so seeds are consistent even then you still have throwbacks and mutants , heck the coveted Cinderella strain is just a jack herer mutant. So you can try to copy cat or make your own strains but it’s not as easy as just growing 2 plants and breeding them


My teenage days found my hesd down in my neighbors High Times.magazine.

Found ilgm by searching, searched Amsterdam seed banks last night, saw 100s of strains similar in names to ilgm and others never heard of.

Lots of popular cali strains, saw Cheech Marin had some flavors advertised, Mencino brothers.

Havent converted euros to us to see how prices compare.