Any one's seed ever done this?

It could be that your soil it too densely packed so that the root is unable to push downward. In turn, this pushes the root upward because it has to go somewhere.
This also happens sometimes when someone uses large perlite during the seedling stage instead of the small stuff.
Unrelated to your question, but it also looks really, really wet.

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Thanks, so would this in your opinion affect the ability for the plant to grow? If so, my plan anyway were to get several clones from it. So If the plant makes it to veg that I can get clones thats perfect for me.

It certainly won’t grow with it’s root above ground. I’d get some different soil, wet lightly and bury that root immediately…this is common sense answer if someone contradicts me go with them :smiley:

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As long as the root is able to establish itself, the plant should grow just fine.
You must be very careful moving it at this stage as the root is very fragile right now. You could:
Leave it as is and hope the root pushes down/past the obstruction.
Add a little bit of dirt around the exposed area(leave it dry though, everything is plenty wet already).
Carefully dig down with a toothpick or something just to the side of the root and try to loosen things up a bit.

If it were me, I think I would start by observing it for 24 hours. If no more root get exposed, it is likely it has gotten past the restriction.

Once it starts to establish itself, you may need to use a couple of toothpicks to help prop the leafy part of the plant up off the soil.


Thanks for the advice! Will be sure to monitor and see for myself.