Any one with Experience growing Dr. Grinspoon

Hello, community,

I just embarked upon a long-time cannabis cultivation goal of mine, to successfully grow potent, pretty and memorable flowers of this special Sativa. I am planning on using soil as my grow medium inside a well-ventilated 5x5x8 tent with two Advanced Platinum P300 LEDs. Of the three seeds I germinated only two sprouted, I am asking if Anyone with prior experience growing this strain would be kind enough to guide me along with some info specific to this strain,.




I have not, but I am extremely interested in it.

The bud structure is bizarre and described as strings of pearls.

Please make this your grow journal so we can see the progress.

also interested in seeing the grow pics. never have seen or heard of anyone growing it.

How did this go, I used the search to get here lol