Any one recommend a good manual bowl trimmer

Thinking about investing, the thing about trimming is I love chopping and trimming the 1st plant, the second is okay still exciting, by the time I chop the third I’m over it, it is very time consuming since I work 60 hours a week plus have a long commute, my husband is calling himself a pot widow… any Recs would be appreciated I was surprised by the huge variety of choices out there, looking under$ 150


@Willd he has a bowl trimmer that ibelieve can be hand cranked or ran with a drill. He said he likes it but i tagged him so mabey he will pop in and tell you whathe uses

I use one like this.
The 16” model is about $45 less


That the one I use @Willd @Chinacat

Thanks for the recommendation I bought the 16 inch took it for a spin today, this thing is worth every penny ( $100 or so) plus free shipping on amazon does a great job !! Even on the smaller stuff still hand trimmming the big colas but very happy with this purchase huge time saver

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