Any one know of a simpe auto-watering system for a 2 week vac

how can I auto-water while away for 2 weeks.

I use empty wine bottles in the pots when i need to leave them for a week or so. A 1 liter bottle may do the trick if she is not so much into her drinking stage. Water your plants really good ,then fill a wine bottle with water or nutrients. You might want to make a tunnel hole for the bottles mouth maybe about 4 inches deep into the side of your pot or bucket of soil. shove the bottle down in the hole and there you go . If the soil is watered enough the bottle will remain full until the plant asks for more water. Indoors this hack should last about a week or more depending on the stage of growth.

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I created a system that used a 30 gal tote as a resavoir, a pond pump and then some tubing to connect to soaker hose on top of the plants. You can use a timer to set your intervals and water automatically.

Let me know if you need me to clarify a little more.

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You’ll need a big tank under your plants, in which you’ll prepare your fertilizers for 2 weeks. Then thanks to a water pump and some tubes, you’ll make the water going up from the tank.
How many plants have you? Because your tank capacity will change regarding their number and size! I think 30gal for 6 plants can be enough for 2 weeks

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