Any one have any tips and tricks for ph'ing their water?

I use store bought distilled water but when it comes to ph’ing the thing the littlest drop still drops the ph super low when I’m not adding any nutes to it. And I dont have any kind of Reservoir that I can add multiple gallons to. So needless to say its been a Pain in the A when it’s just time for regular water. Any advice would be helpful thanks

In 5 gals I’ve found 1 tsp will move it .2

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I use white distilled vinegar to drop my PH and PH up from amazon to raise it. The vinegar is easier to work with in my opinion.

How much would you say you have to use per gallon on average?

You will need to adjust the pH when you add nutrients (the water is no longer pure when you add nutes). Distilled water is pure and has a neutral pH and will take on the pH of your medium. Adjusting the pH in distilled water (pure, no nutes) is a problem because the pH probe will not function properly due to the lack of free ions in the water.


So what I took from that is that I do not have to ph the water when it comes to just a regular watering?


Because that is what I’m struggling with just trying to ph down it when it comes to just watering. I have No issues when it comes to nute feeding

If you are watering with straight distilled water, then yes, no pH adjustments required.
That said, I would never water my plants with straight distilled water, it tends to leach minerals and nutrients out of the soil.

Many folks do use distilled water so they may have a different take on this.

I have used tap water for my plants from the beginning with no issues. Our tap water is very “hard” but still no problem for my plants.

I do pour the water from the dehumidifier into the watering reservoir. This water is distilled but I always add Epsom Salt to it so it is no longer pure water. I then adjust the pH.


Lol ty I had No idea ive always dredded the plain watering as it would take me forever to try and adjust it. Now as far as adding empsom salt to your water what does that do for it? Sorry first time grower so I guess I could ask billions of questions

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Epsom Salt is a source of magnesium and sulfur. They are both important to the your plants. The sulfur helps create nice a terpene profile which will make you buds smell good. In the case of distilled water, the Epsom Salt creates free ions in the water so that you can successfully measure pH with an electronic pH probe.

I add Epsom Salt to every watering and feeding except on those rare occasions that I add CalMag to the mix. The Epsom Salt plus CalMag can result in a toxic level of magnesium and the plants may suffer.

What if I were to just add a little calmag to every watering would that cause any issues? Usually only do it with a nute feeding

I’m about 3 weeks out from harvest

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Try it if you want…If it does not work (and it will likely cause some problems), go out and buy a bag of Epsom Salt. The stuff is cheap and available in nearly every grocery/drug store.

Edit: I see that you are close to harvest, most everything that you can do and need to do has been done at this point. Just ride it out would be my advice on that.

I just water with straight water for the last two weeks or so. This is supposed to help with a nice flavor to the buds.

Alright well ty so much for all the info

I use the cap of the vinegar, and fill it a 1/2 of a cap at a time normally on average and will lower PH a few points at a time. but if you don’t have a PH meter get one :slight_smile: and if you do the vinegar will lower the ph

How much epsom salt and water mix ? :man_shrugging:t3:

Most people will use 1tsp per gallon.


THANK YOU! I keep harping on this subject. It is not possible to accurately derive a PH from distilled water. Any reading you get will be ‘spurious’.


i was wondering where you were lol.

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What do you recommend for a PH tester

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I use a HM Digital PH-80 and really like it.

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