Any one ever seen this before?

This started as a kind of milky looking spot on a few leaves. Like some one had spoiled a liquid on a few leafs. Today they looked like this. The milky spot is now paper thin gray looking

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i can`t see any sign of bugs or mold. looks like fungus for me…
Avoiding overhead water will help reduce your chances of getting Leaf Spot. Leaf spot is quite uncommon indoors. Applying a small ammount of baking soda as a foliar spray will also help with leaf spot. Bacillus subtilis can also be applied to help combat leaf spots.

that does not look good @Sasquatch
i hope someone can identify so you can combat what ever it is

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These are outside @RubiBANANA666 been having alot of rain. I have another one that may have a spot of bud rot

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Its a bit blurry but looks like mold
Is it the whole plant or just a few leaves @Sasquatch
If only a few remove then and see if it comes back

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if its whole plant, this can be mold
i agree @ Countryboyjvd1971

its not the whole plant just a few leaves but on 2 different plants
Im going to remove them

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Yeah i would
You said it was white and milky looking ?
lol could it be bird droppings watered down due to rain Just a thought tha popped into my little head


When I 1st saw it I thought the same thing. but its not

birdy popped huh

I think it was water and started to mold/rot . I had a week or so of off on rain and when it wasn’t raining it was cloudy and humidity was in the 90s Im thinking it was water drops that sat too long and no sun to dry them … I just had a couple days of sun and now its rain 3 days in a row with just a touch of sun today. I cut it all off that I could find. What yall think? both of your ideas lead me to this conclusion.


Looks as though your dog has been fertilizing your plant there sas :thinking: :open_mouth::grimacing:

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