Any one else experience this?

My pleasure look forward to seeing your progress

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Garrigan she’s in a 3.5 gal plastic bucket, that was supposed to be my final pot… tomorrow will be a week into flower mode… I didnt plan on this…

update: she did perk up a bit, especially up top if you compare this current pic with the ones taken 5 hours ago

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I know what your going through. Same thing had happened to me a couple of times. That’s why I said what I did. Sometimes you just don’t know how the plant is going to grow. On your next grow you’ll be ready I’m sure. That’s whats makes a good grower
Learning…your plants needs.



I made the mistake of waiting too long to go into flower mode… 1 st grow bag seed…thanks again for the help

The thing is your learning and you made the right choice with bag seed. When you buy the the expensive seeds you’ll be ready Ed.


What size was that plant when you replanted it into that bucket?
That’s a good size bucket but if you planted it straight in there from a beer cup, it could be rootbound. If your grow room is on a cement slab the roots could be chilly this time of year.Feel the ground around them. Just to make sure.

But it looks like the top of the plant is reaching for the light while the second or third branch down is actually upside down. That’s a bad sign because plants cannot photosynthesize on the backs of their leaves.
Can somebody help me out here? The plants not half dead, also not half alive.

I went from an 8 oz cup to a 16 then to a quart, then to a gallon to 3.5 gallon bucket… you might be right about the cold cement… but it is about 70+ plus degree in the shop and about 44 outside right now

@hamakua I see what your pointing out. I am clueless. I’m very interested, hopefully someone can give us some hind-site.:wink:

Over-watering can produce the same effect if the plant is indeed rootbound. If the plant is rootbound then when you pour water in it should go straight through almost. After it’s watered does the weight of the container change much?

Sounds like you’ve done everything right. Sometimes it’s the easiest things that you just can’t diagnose. I HATE that!

I’ll take a pic of my setup… the top led is about 15 inches from the closest branch… and the side light is about 30 inches away. . I do try to rotate my plants every day so that way all sides get enough light

yur right it probably is root bound… the sound doesn’t seem to handle as much water as before

Hell, they can still be saved. But if you try to repot it(or any other thing at this point) make sure when you get done keep the lights on the same setting but put it just a little bit in the shade. That way it won’t get shocked as much. Try keeping it there until it picks up a little bit.
I wouldn’t do anything until you hear from someone more experienced. But I do know if you do nothing it looks like I might die. Just remember, these plants grow like a weed. Because they are. This plant is actually kind of hard to kill. So I don’t think you’re done quite yet. Good luck bra. Aloha

I could upgrade to a 5 gallon size pot… exact same size diameter but about a foot or more taller… what do you think? so my plant might be dying?

It’s okay don’t panic. A wider pot would make more sense. The roots that go out the sides are the feeder roots. The root that goes straight down is a Tap Root. Don’t quote me on this and don’t do anything yet until you hear from somebody else.
But I do believe that the feeder roots are what become rootbound and retard the plants growth. It’s possible I could have it backwards so like I said check with someone else first. If you look at a 500 gallon pot, it doesn’t go down more than 16 inches at the most. Mostly because what they want to do is stop that Taproot from going down and using all the plants energy to do nothing but look for more water.

Ed I’d fill out a support ticket. You need some specifics/hard facts, to point out the plants issues in your pictures. An expert will be here to the rescue soon

AmnesiaHaze is absolutely correct. I was just trying to figure it out myself, but what I would do is make sure that you talk to somebody else besides me.
The main reason we’re all here, is because we’re not all there.

@hamakua I agree I would of jut told him if I knew. I’m just not sure on this specific kind of deficiency/burn?

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