Any one else experience this?


I’ve been noticing that now that my plant is big and 2 months old that I have to water more frequently and still get run off with less and less water.

my plant is in a 3 1/2 gallon bucket and when I first watered it, it would take about a gallon to get run off, now with less than 64 ounces of water I get run off


Consuming more water :sweat_drops: the bigger they get :+1::sweat_drops:


yes… but what is strange to me is that they need LESS water than before to produce runoff, and need to be watered more often


What’s your temperature, that’s some thing to do with evaporation pressure, and to me it sound like you have high evaporation pressure (which means its not in your grow room)


I have no idea what my temps are I need to buy one of those meters that does hi/low temp and humidity… im not familiar with evaporation pressure… im gonna have to Google. that one… thanks for the replies guys


What do you want to know about it my friend?


Your medium has compacted, and most likely you are watering too much too fast, and it is running down the sides. :slight_smile:


well I did Google it and it’s very complex… its like physics to me… magiktoker could you please guide me in the right direction and recommend me a thermometer and humidity meter all in one… something on a budget thanks


well that does happen to me on my fabric pot… I’ll slow down the watering and water all around the pot more evenly… ty


To me the lighter the mix less you water roots sweat. Push out water not nutes . My light mix retains more water cause roots sweat. I water every 4 days.


What everyone here has said is true to one existent or another.
So taken in all the info. She needs a bigger bag my friend. Her roots are bound. If you get a bigger bag or pot, say 10 gal. That plant will take off big time.
Trust me. The roots are so thick and dirt bing packed water has no where to go but out the sides.

Get bigger pots !! Lol shell love ya for it



I used to water every 4 or so days too but lately my plants have been telling me by drooping that if they want water more sooner


This is just from personal experience, as my plants have come into flower/late flower outdoors in 10gal pots, they have produced runoff much easier than they did in veg with the same amount of water… I presume this is because the root system fills out the pot, and id imagine water would run through roots/past roots much easier than it would run through soil that would generally soak it up.
I make sure i rough up my very top layer of soil to make it easier for the water to soak in, and also compact the soil at the very outer edges around the pot, so that the water doesn’t run freely down the outside of the pot.


Photos might help but here are my thoughts. You say they are wilting which means the soil is very dry. With soil like that it takes time to absorb water especially if there is peat moss in the soil. So what happens is you pour water on and it runs off the surface and down the inside of the pot and out the bottom. If this seems correct to you I would suggest gently watering a little at a time and let the water soak in for a minute before adding more. This way you will re moisten the soil and reduce the runoff.


You can get an accurate cheap thermometer with a hygrometer in the bottom for roughly 3-$5 my friend and it’s actually quite simple to understand. You can get the thermometer/hygrometer at home depot


ok I last watered the plant with the white 3.5 gal bucket Thursday night, and this morning she looks a little wilted… just Friday she perked up again after a watering, I last checked on her Saturday around noon and she looked great… this morning she looks a little down… I’ll send some pics… if you look at the plant in the 3 gal fabric pot, she is nice and perky compared to the other plant

I’ll try roughing up the top layer of soil and water a little more slowly


To my eye they just seem dry, but overwatering can damage roots and the plants will wilt as well. If you are relatively certain that the roots are in good condition(white and firm, not brown and mushy) I would still think they just need a good slow soaking. Keep us posted!


Well keep us posted


I went ahead and watered her with a ph of 6.3… the soil was pretty dry… so I gave her 64 ounces over a period of a few minutes and i did get just a little bit of run off… I’ll post an update later… again. thanks for the help… eventually I’ll get the hang of it, I still want to learn a bit more before I plant my ilgm WW autos


When they get root bound this happens. Everyone is right, water slowly cuz the roots are pulling the soil away from the edges as the soil dries.