Any one can help diagnose whats going on here

Firstly hello to everyone on this great forum with a world of knowledge at their finger tips.
I am a first time grower on his first grow, with femm WW seeds purchased from ILGM, so a little info to assist in diagnosis of whats going on in pics below.
My garden is indoor in a 2mx2mx2m grow tent, I’m running 2 x 600 watt HPS lights,my grow medium is Premium grade potting mix, ph runs between 6.5 and 6.9, everything was going perfectly until i forced flowering on 4 of my girls, in my first week I lost 1 of my girls started to show same symptoms as pics below until it gradually got worse and she basically dropped her bundle of leaves and went to high heavens.(lets all pray) lol, into my 2nd week of flowering stage now and my mamma plant who is twice the size of the fatality is starting to show similar symptoms frankly I’m a bit concerned.Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. I will also add a pic i have of her just befor flowering below.

here she is 2 weeks ago very proud of my efforts to date;

In my experience, damage like this is from pH issues and will only effect those leaves only. Is it possible that one of your feedings was outside those pH ranges?

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Thanks for your reply. It is possible i guess, although i have been very diligent with them i could have messed up a little on their last feed, so what is best advice/course of action of what i should do to rectify this?

The next step depends on if it spreads, or the symptoms change. If those are the only leaves, I think you’ll be ok, just keep an eye one it.

If it’s caused by a ph problem, flush your soil because likely if you have a ph Imbalance you have a nutrient lock out, and or a toxicity build up.

After you flush your soil getting a reading of your run off to find out if your adjustments need to go up or down (in this case it likely needs to go up but can’t say for sure without a reading)

@OK234, @Majiktoker
I’m not 100% on pH (potential Hydrogen). It could be Phosphorus (P), Boron (B), Iron (Fe), or even heat stress. These type of problems are hard to pick out of a lineup. It doesn’t look like a new problem. My guess is you’ve been seeing for a week or more, and could originate from 2-3 weeks before that. What steps have you done, if any, to fix her, beyond your normal feedings? How fast is this progressing?

Your last picture looks iron (Fe) deficient, with yellowing in the new growth, but the picture is a little blurred.