Any on ever grown "Auto Pound"?

Auto seeds has this - they say you can get up to a lb ?? also say best yielding strain ? (they have an auto #1 - that’s not it) have had auto that grew 4 feet + but they never harvested 1lb ??? thoughts ?

1 pound dried? That’s 5# wet. That would be a monster auto. I wanna see!!! Lol


Was it bred to just yield or is it also genetically healthy? A lot of the time autoflower strains have weak immunity…


here at the info:

height = 60cm -100cm
thc = medium to high with Heavy body stone

Auto Pound is: Big Bud x Power Plant x Auto #1 (their strain)

really hard to believe one can get 1lb - maybe if everything is perfect; enviroment, medium, climate, nutriens’ THEY say “easy to grow”


So try one and see lol. Maybe it does grow a pound at 1% thc and tastes like poop though?

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Some of the descriptions are misleading. A lot of the yields are averages per square meter, or something like that, and not per plant. I am sure if you look closer (which I just did) it says “Auto Pounder can produce almost 1 pound (450g/m2) per square meter”. That is a bigger area than my 3x3 tent, so yes, it is possible, with multiple plants…

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really don’t know tilll one grows it

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Thanks !! yea ; many descriptions can be misleading just like some “pictures” of plants one buy’s seed from