Any of this salvageable?

Very sad day this grow started off going so well and the second half I ran into some major problems, first with WPM then with spider mites. Plants were affected to varying degrees and I had been treating right up to harvest. With Growers Choice Fungicide 3.

So today they got the chop and went into a bud wash 5gal h2o and 1cup h202. Let everything soak for 5-10 min flipped and agitated the branches a few times.

Three major concerns;

  1. some of the buds still have some WPM showing after the wash. If I dry these and break them up is there anything worth saving on these (parts of the bud without the WPM)? Do I even want them in the dry tent or should I cut them off and toss them ASAP so it doesnt spread while drying?

  2. some of the buds are covered in dead spidermites :face_vomiting:. I was hoping they would come off in the wash but looking under a loupe you can see where they are all stuck between the trichomes and very few came off in the bath. While I dont think they are going to come back and spread (no zombie mites), what are the chances I can just trim off the bottom leaves/buds off the affected colas and still find some usabale bud? Or js this a case “cut ties” and dump anything with dead mites on it? Some buds are heavily affected, some have just 1 or 2 visiable and some dont seem to have any.

  3. one bud out of 4 plants has these white “pellets” on it, presumably some type of mold/fungus. Unlike the WPM it was very light, like ash, you could almost blow them off the plant and they all dissapeared in the wash. Any ideas what this is/was?


Sorry to see and hear that. JMHO, I would say cut your losses and move on. It happens!
Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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I agree… I threw out a whole plant 2 days ago because I found mold in a thick bud. I have too much to chance it…

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Ouch sorry about your plants friend…

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So sorry for your loss my friend :cry: :cry:

Oh sorry you got it bad. Dont know if id try to save any or not

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Shit can it and start over after treating your grow area for spider mites. They’re hard to kill. It’d suck to start over and get mites again.

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