Any MA, ME or other pls Chime In


A girl got me out of NY and into the Great State of Maine.


@bob31 the way I’ve circumvented AT&T’s terrible discrimination I’ve used the post office address. It’s the only address that’s verifiable in town. (Because it receives mail) so I can’t use my physical address. So I use 123 whatever street apartment 321 for my PO box number. Theres literally 3 postal employees and they pretty quick to realize everyone’s different formatting of tricking companies. The struggle is real in this town. #remoteliving


yep, thats exactly what I mean. I got a card from the PO telling me it is ok to do that. So instead of

PO Box 27
My town USA 12345

It now reads

123 Post Office Road Suite 27
My town USA 12345

What difference does it make to a shipper where the ultimate destination is? Frig them! hahaha


My city council - California town - approved outdoor cultivation in late Spring, with a set of compliance regulations, up to 6 plants, indoor or outdoor can be grown, must be 21, not visible from outside property, etc.

My ladies are looking like they’re totally ready to be knocked up, however, I’m doubtful they will get pollinated. Lots of trees to catch pollen before it travels to my yard. I guess one could go indoor if they wanted to eliminate possibility of any unwanted seeds.


Cause girls rock @Screwauger @bob31 @Covertgrower


Here’s what works for me:

123 Street Address **PO BOX NUMBER
MyTown, USA 00000

Apparently the asterisks stop the machine reading the rest of the line but the actual human being knows to drop it on my PO Box. This came from a local postmaster.


Yeah, I found the source. A guy about a half mile away had a male, not understanding the difference.

My brother in law says he fixed that problem. We’ll see on this next harvest. Insects are usually how it happens, though I am close enough to the guy that the wind could have brought the pollen.

It’s the main reason I learned how to sex them before I actually started growing…


would you clip shade leafs on a pant?


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Hi Screwauger. I am in MA and have 8 lovely maturing ladies growing outdoors. I have them in smartpots on my deck, and as far as I can tell none were pollinated. I am looking forward to a harvest of several pounds in the next few weeks. I would guess there are at least a dozen growers within a mile of me. Maybe I am just lucky?


I live on an island in Maine and I grow in my backyard I had a relative that grows in the town next to us we have never had a pollination problem but we also talked to the neighbors once we knew they started to grow and told them they had to pull out the males and get rid of them before they ruined their crop and ours put them in a garbage bag get rid of them otherwise I think we would have had a problem the only time we’ve ever had a pollinated plant is when we did it on purpose you shouldn’t have a problem as long as there’s no males within a mile


I’m harvesting my second outdoor grow, in a Maine city and so far, no cross pollination that I can see. Good that you have cool neighbors.