Any MA, ME or other pls Chime In

So, the Great State of Maine, USA legalized recreational weed and allows 6 flowering plants per adult 21 and older.
I have three plants growing outside and have very high hopes!
My buddy who lived in CO for a number of years thinks my females plants are nearly 100% guaranteed to get pollinated.
He thinks (rightly so) that everybody with a vial full of bag seeds has stuck them in the ground and of course, some may not know to cull the males.
Anyone have any input, experience?
How likely is it do you think?
Any precautions that could be taken?
Thanks very much.
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Wow @Screwauger
That’s a interesting theroy
One I can see happening on a certain level especially if you have neighbors who don’t know or are trying to breed
Pollen will travel a long distance in nature
I like to believe it not true but I’m interested in hearing some other opinions for sure
Thanks fir posting the question I have never thought about it until I read you post sir :+1:


Someone got whacked with this on this forum yes it can happen and no there is nothing you can do

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Pollin can travel up to 5 miles depending on weather , wind and humidity conditions… :wink:
I have friends in cali that put up misters around the outside of there gardens for the first 3 to 5 week’s of flower to combat this problem and they swear by it… :wink:

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@peachfuzz now that’s a great idea brother nice post bud


Yeah @peachfuzz that’s an interesting idea and one there might be some info on. Gonna research that a bit. Thanks.

I don’t see myself doing anything elaborate, kinda like playing the lottery (which I don’t do)!!!

Thanks @Fever @Countryboyjvd1971


Very possible! I say let it ride! @Screwauger


Don’t know why but it reminds me of this song @bob31


Entirely possibly. It was @FloridaSon who had an crop get pollinated. I don’t know that he ever found the source.
My one “neighbor” who I know is growing for sure put 2 fem clones in the ground. He lives over a mile away through the woods. The rest of this area is mostly anti-pot rednecks and farmers. If the farmers are growing, they likely know what they are doing as well. They all want a moratorium on retail cannabis. There is a town meeting about it. The moratorium will pass whether I attend or not.

In an area of more concentrated population and novice backyard growers and not a lot of woods it might be a different story.
If this is any reassurance, I found a total of 3 mature seeds in the 2015 harvest 8.5 lbs of dry cured Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush. They were all in the bubba kush. I did have some hermie from stress that grow but yanked them immediately upon discovery. 2 of the seeds look barely mature so I tossed them. I saved the 1 viable looking one for next year. I may still find more in the last few oz of BK on hand.


I doubt it’s going to be an issue in rural areas.


I like smoking weed

Did someone say something?


I agree @PhantomFarmer Unfortunately I live in “twin cities” divided by a river. Only time will tell.

@Willd You wait, I’m that guy that the clerk has to change the register tape for, the car that the flagman turns the sign to stop at, the next one in line when the tickets sell out…

@Fever Wrong forum, this is I love GROWING weed. :sunglasses::evergreen_tree:


@Screwauger legal in my state as well, and this brings up an excellent question. However, since it rains so much here, it’s very unlikely that many are outside. (81.5 inches of rain on average in a year) The few people I know that have plants outside all know what they’re doing, and want only females. Oh, and 6 plants in flowering is the way I read the law here. You can have up to 12 in any other phase. But nobody is going door to door checking either… :wink:


i have 1000 corn plants over a mile away from a farm in hilly heavly forested ground and the farm told me pollen can travel 3-5 miles and wanted me to plant there seeds next year because of cross-pollenation. so it is possable that way. i have also seen bees on my ww buds. it probaly wont happen but you cant bet agaisnt mother natures will to survive.


You’re up North West, correct? AK?

Cause down here in MA there are people throwing seeds everywhere and I’d guess 75% have no clue what they are doing. I doubt the percentages are much different up there.

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@bob31 southeast AK is the rainforest part of it. Mild temperatures, and no roads to anywhere. Everything comes by boat or plane… :airplane:️ :ship:

interesting @Covertgrower your a lot more remote that here. And they probably are a lot more deliberate there. No roads but the internet reaches in! thats awesome!

Did you grow up there?

Nope @bob31 transplant from Michigan. Moved here for a girl of course. Yes very remote, it’s not about how fast your cell service is, its whether you have it or not. Only two towers in town. Shipping typically takes 4-7 business days, even if it’s 2nd day air. USPS is the best way to ship here. As far as internet goes, a lot of other towns aren’t as fortunate as we are to have the GCI fiber optic cable go right past our town. Not super fast as were spliced in, but faster than most. I am holding on to AT&T for cell service since I’ve moved. That’s another headache to get them to ship to a PO box.

I have a PO Box and got a letter from the PO that I can change my mailing address to XYZ Post office address Suite (PO Box number) and then zip code. To prevent the shipping companies from discriminating against us! Check with your PO and see if they would allow that. @Covertgrower

The girl did it huh… Yep me too. hahahaha

Southern Ohio to Massachusetts

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