Any luck with varigations? Worth it?

So my one plant on my new run has a leaf varigation and hopefully not the tmv. Being its superskunk ilgm seeds they are supposedly resistant to disease, that being said it could still be a varigation. Im just not sure if i should scrap that one, i do have one more i could transplant but that would put me a wk behind the other plants. Seems i always get one bad egg each group.

Don’t do that. What you see isn’t uncommon in healthy plants.

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So being said any1 had luck finishing these? It is starting to fall behind the group. In the group pic it is the front right plant. Thanks for any input

That was my thought to. Just never had one do it on that level. Using just a spot or two, but its on about 40% of the leafs. Thinks for input @MidwestGuy

@MidwestGuy have you harvested a plant with quite a few varigations? Does it reach its full potential?

Yea 90% of the time they outgrow vagriations and even if they dont their bud formation is usually very normal


I would keep it. I had a variegated plant and she produced as much as plants twice her size. Best to you and your grow!


LOL - they were different strains.

Glad to hear that @JaneQP thanks for the response.

I have a super lemon haze that has more variation than that, and see if I can grab a picture for you. The leaves that are lighter in color will always die and get damaged first. As long as you know that, it should grow fine.


Thanks for your input @Covertgrower. Seems to be getting worse but ill give her a go. Hopefully it can get atleast 80% of its potential with that lack of chlorophyll

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I hear you on the lack of chloroplasts. The sugar leaves or flowering leaves will support it during flowering just fine.

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