Any link between inch worms eating buds and bud rot?

Hey all! couple questions I was wondering if theres any evidence that would link inch worms that eat the buds help start or accelerate bud rot? Or is it just this damn new England rain for the past few weeks? My other question is I cut washed and hung two of my autos last night and was wondering does doing a bud wash also wash trichomes away I was very gentle. And is it fine to keep the fan on them to dry them after the wash? And for how long? I did watch a video about bud wash that was posted on here. Thanks!

My first grow I had bud rot from caterpillars.

What I learned, when the worms eat the plant they also poop inside the plant. The poop mixed with water or high humidity is a perfect breeding ground for mold.

I had to throw away a 5oz cola. Very sad.

I can’t help you with the bud washing. If there is mold I throw it away. I’m afraid to take the risk.

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Yeah, the connection is real


Thanks for confirming my theory! I cut all the bad stuff out then did the wash so fingers crossed haha. Thank you both @Mr_Wormwood @Brobdab

I wash all the bud that I keep. Any mold, bud rot or infestation is gone. I don’t worry about washing off the trichomes.

Wash your bud once and see all the crap that comes out and you’ll always wash.


I did my grow outdoors and my ladies were hit with inch worms, yes those sucker get inside the buds and will cause rot plus there poo also causes rot be weary of them. I sprayed my plants with captain jacks dead bug and I have not had those nasty worms back. Also just because they are gone does not mean to stop spraying them because once you think they are gone they will come back. I was told that washing bud is always best to clean off what ever you have used to protect the plants as well as to get all the nasty stuff out of the buds. If you had worms a bud wash would be a great idea. Also H202 is what was recommended to me and the trichomes stayed on my buds, the water was left nasty but my buds look good! hope that helped good luck

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