Any input on maxsisun pb1500 led light

Samsung LM2801B+ diodes are substandard at 2.12 μmol/J. Buying a product with Samsung LM301 series diodes will get you closer to 2.7 μmol/J.


Agree - I have had great luck running two of these in my 4x4x6 tent… Same price range…
MAGLONG M2000 grow light consuming only 220W true input, max output 2.5g/W. MAGLONG developed the most efficient and safe quantum grow light, using SAMSUNG chip with 2.7 umol / J, energy saving and brighter. MEANWELL drives are safer and last longer, the high-strength aluminum alloy heating plate can maintain a low working temperature and is not easily deformed. High-quality products bring the highest cost performance.

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