Any info on starting a RDWC grow?

About halfway through my first grow. Currently growing in soil but I think I would like to go with rdwc. Found a set I would like to buy and just looking for advice on whether it’s worth it or not, and possibly anything else I should know or need to accomplish this. I will be using it in a 5x5 tent.

No real idea whether this is a good deal or not as I’ve done mine diy.

A couple of things to consider with hydro:

-a large reservoir will help maintain solution concentration and PH over time.
-if wanting to use organic nutrients, this is not the style for that
-more than likely a chiller is going to be necessary. (nothing else works FYI)
-good PH and TDS meters are necessary

I’ve been running Jack’s 3-2-1 with good success; something you might look into. It’s probably the most economical nutrient line out there.

Make sure you have: plenty of light and plenty of room.


There is so much stuff in rdwc… if you use the search bar up top right you will be able to answer most of your specifics on here… Anya you csnt seem to find go ahead and ask away

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Been a farmer for a long time but this is going to be my first Hydroponic system. I have been doing the research for quite some time and if nothing else is true there are different systems and everyone has unique situations. I have a 10’x12’ shed that I am going to convert into my “Hydroshed”. I agree with all that you need a lot of room. I would like to do a 10 bucket system with a waterfall RWDC. I found it was much less expensive to DYI the system than buy from a Hydroponic store. Styrofoam insulation instead of basic fiberglass Matt. I plan to install ceramic tile, I am building my own LED light RBG. have all the LEDs and proper power supply. I have a 30gl Igloo cooler that I want to use as my reservoir.I have plenty of aqua pump and a 6 outlet air pump, I may have to add another airpump. All I’m missing is a carbon filter, exhaust fan and nuits. I have ph and ec meters but will prob. end up upgradeing. I have all the supplies to run power…The whole system has to be air tight to cover the sweet smell. Unfortunately herb is still illegal in my state. I can’t wait to get started, I have been collecting and researching for over a year. I am not above a helping hand so any advise is welcome. Thanks Cat


Welcome @lakelandcat do you have plans for a chiller?

10 bucket system in a 10 x 12? If you’ve never done rdwc before, you might want to start smaller, only because they can get really big. You could actually fill a 10’sq room with 2 plants easily. But then again with a lot of work 10 will work too.
Good luck! If there’s anything we can help with, feel free to tag folks.

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I was hoping with the added r value of the styrofoam and the use of the Igloo, ceramic tile and LEDs I could keep the heat to a minimum. I have been going around about the number of buckets. You may well be right. I am starting with some OG KUSH seed and with lollipoping I hope to increase yield and reduce space. 6 buckets to start may be a more realistic system, I can always add on . My grow light will be 8’x2’. Not enough space would be a pleasant prob. To many girls together and they want to have a Cat fight. Thanks Cat

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6 is a nice start , lay them out in 2’ x 2’ areas when you build the system. Center each bucket in the middle of that area. It may be easier for you to buy that 4 bucket system(or 6 if they have the option) and then redesign it to fit your needs.

If you need any advice on chopping it up and making it work for you hit me up


Let’s get the 'fuzz in here: @peachfuzz any suggestions?

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I think your right Bob, Thanks. I already have enough buckets to do 6, I’m going in with 1/2"PVC water in each with its own ball valve to increase and decrease water supply when needed and a 2" PVC drain. 2’x2’ would still give me room to get around the girls, and a shelf to put power supply, timers, food, ph up and down, fans, and tunes (girls need music to be happy) and meters if I go that way. Cat

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You can run 1/2” rubber line with shutoffs, I did drip rings around the net pots from the 1/2” water line on mine.

Those really helped until the roots got to the water, I did have a damping issue with them on a few plants and learned I had to make sure I had the plant base above the ring level so it could stay dryer.

If you pulled the tube in so it was against the net pot inside you’d create the same effect

Thats a great idea. I am running my main water in the top of the bucket with a 90 fitting down, this should give me added aeration along with my airstones. I can see how the drip rings would help the young ones. Im using clay pellets, will they wick the water in from the net cup to the new roots?

I used hydroton (clay pebbles) they stayed well saturated, having the water in /near the net pot will help draw roots down.

Plus it will keep water moving, main issue I had with drip rings is they would clog over time.

Now you got me rethinking. I worked for a Big Box store and picked up some real nice 1/2" copper ball valves I could use for a drip system on each bucket. Cat

Your plan sounds good…
Just take into consideration how your going to dismantle the system and clean everything after each run…
Simplicity was my main concern when building my systems and how easy it was going to be to clean everything… :+1::wink:

Since this pic I’ve changed a couple of things…
Air stones and now the system is hooked up to my ro system so that I can leave for 3 weeks with no issues…

Here the last one I setup, more undercurrent then rdwc tho

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Pretty simple set up congrats, Did you have any issues with algae in your white buckets? I may even go as far as spraying my PVC to try to keep algea down. I plan on adding a drain set up and use bulkhead couplers to take the system apart. I also have a total of 12 buckets with 6"net pots in the lids so if I go with 6 buckets I can take it apart swap and clean at my leisure. I see a lot of people here use Jacks 321, I understand the cost effective, but what are the #s Suits are a nowhere area Im trying to get a grip on. Sorry about the long response time I was unaware of the forum rules for new members. I’ll get the hang of it and start a journal with pics. check in with me every now and then if thats cool. Is there a way to PM people here? Cat


Nah no private messages here sorry

No problems with algae…
System works like a charm… :+1::wink:
If you want to get a hold of someone on this site, just put an @ symbol in front of their handle…
Like @lakelandcat:+1:

I ordered the 4lb package of Jacks 321 last night. If I understand right the 5-12-26 is for start and reg feed. is the high nitrate 15.5 for bloom? and the epson salt for ph?

Is this the case for RDWC (as opposed to DWC or other hydro methods)? I’ve used DWC, ebb and flow, and other methods I’d consider hydroponic. The recirculating systems have me scratching my head. If there are other benefits to using RDWC, I’m curious to know what they are.