Any ideas wtf this is?

Give the full rundown:

Plants growing in soil. Had gnats, used yellow sticky paper to get rid of the 14 or so that it captured (holy crap, I’d only seen one or two). Now I have these discolorations on about 3% of the leaves…

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thx so much!!


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Looks like leaf miners. Try Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. I also put nematodes in my soil. No gnats this year.


Did you check the underside of the affected leaves for critters like mites?

Leaf miners leave trails - mites suck in spots


I took a look and at best the only thing I could spot (even with a jewelers mag glass) were a few tiny black specks on the underside of the affected leaves

Just took a look at spider mites online. That’s looks to be it…

Any recommendations on removal product(s)?

Thx, so much!

You were already given the best advice.



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Thrips also leave black dots on the underside of leaves …spider mites would have webs all around …
If you don’t see webs check for tiny elongated translucent creamish/white colors insects they could have brown lateral bands or brown bands lengthwise …

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These old eyes saw a trail in that last pic. Spider mites it is. Still recommend CJDB. Spray today, spray tomorrow, and spray the next day. Take a break and start all over again.

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You need at least 2 or 3 different products as mites will quickly develop immunity to whatever you use. Sadly, mites are NOT a one time treatment as most poisons don’t kill the eggs. Do Jacks, follow up with Neem the next night and alcohol/water or something different the third. Then start the cycle again.
Always spray before lights out so as not to burn the leaves and leaves fans and exhaust running to make sure they dry before the lights come back on.

Also doesn’t hurt to take all the effected leaves and get rid of them - I flush them down the toilet - escape that mofo!

Best of luck to you!

It’s possible the poster caught it in the early stages, I DEFINITELY have mites, same observations and no webbing as of yet. It seems like it happens overnight when it happens. but it’s been going for a bit by the time you see webbing

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Ah got ya …
I have a sunflower plant with thrip damage

Top and underside
If you look close on the underside you see “black” dots
Which aren’t black at all just darker green than should be due to them feeding / laying

Right next door there’s a black eye Susan vine with leaf miner damage

First; any other treatments will negate (kill) the C.J.'s. Neem oil I’ll never use on cannabis again. I alternate between two bacterial products: Captain Jack’s and Safer Caterpillar Killer. Two different bacterial vectors. Life cycle and maturation of toxin takes five days.

I like to use peroxide in lieu of alcohol or any other product like that. It will make leaves papery and dry around the edges. Wait 24 hours then apply C.J.'s, wait five days, peroxide, 24 hours later apply Safer. Repeat. That should catch the eggs as larvae emerge.