Any ideas would be appreciated

Howdy guys any input wld be great I’ve never grown in such a foggy environment we had a month of nothen but fog not sure if the plants behind or ahead of schedule the 60x scope shows trychs with bulbis developement some milky only red tryches are on the suger leaf and only a cpl.I believe its abt 60 days into flower.I got her in mid July and she was in pre flower.


hard to tell by blowing up these pics… but if I had to guess I would say you have about 3 weeks left before harvest

if your on a computer you can click on pic and it will slightly enlarge if you click on that pic it will zoom in alot and scroll around to different parts of zoomed in pic

and thanks Oak i was thinking 45 days as well if the weather allows it

she is looking good though…it can be hard to tell just because sometimes they mature really fast when they get close to harvest… but you are getting close

What is your trichome variance? i.e. % of clear, cloudy, amber trichomes?

Plant looks great! :smiley: