Any ideas what this might be?

I feel for ya. Had 5 autos earlier this year that were looking great and then we got 10 days of rain. I managed to salvage about 20%. My photos have had a little and lost two colas, but may be ok. Been spraying the heck out of them and clipping any dead or damaged leaves

This is the first time I have had to deal with it. Much of this is my fault I’m sure. First of all big bud is probably a poor choice for growing outdoors where Monsoons and heat go hand in hand. I probably planted to close together and I didn’t scrog. A lot of mistakes. I will go out and revisit this tomorrow. Of course It rained again today. This while I am trying to get ready for my indoor grow. I hope things turn out well for you.


As I said to 420 this may be my last outdoor gig. Good luck.

I’m doing some indoors right now… about 6 weeks from harvest. I’ll still try some outdoors next year but I decided to try indoors so maybe the odds will be in my favor a little more. I can control the environment indoors… outdoors Mother Nature can be a bit of a :zipper_mouth_face: and I’ve watched months of hard work being chopped off and thrown away due to the bud rot. Good luck on your grow.

I had bud rot last year. I cut off the affected area.

I am fighting it right now found caterpillars crawling around going to treat with captain’s jack dead bug hope that get them

Thank you sir.

First of all let me thank all of you for your reply’s.

Can you imagine what it must have been like for a farmer back in the 1800’s?

Must have beeb terrible

Pick and squish.