Any ideas what’s wrong here

How can I sort this out please all

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I’m thinking nutrient burn but want some professional opinions

I don’t believe that’s nutrient burn. Burn will usually start on tips of leaves. All of the other leaves are healthy. It appears to have been physically damaged. Other members may have a better idea of what could have caused this.


Definitely not damaged by me no one touches them beside me and I haven’t done anything that would cause that, I’m possibly thinking nitrogen then here is another plant


If possible post pictures of whole plant. It may be necessary to fill out a support ticket. This will help diagnose issue without having to ask multiple questions.

Brooklyn sunrise by Dutch passion

Method: coco coir, work casting, perlite 30%,volcanic rock dust , bone meal, gypsum, fermented probiotic bran

5gallon fabric pots

Ph 6.1 water


2 x 320w quantum boards 4500k

Temps/humidity day/night same 26/27degreessCelsius 78/80”. humidity 50/65%

I have one inline fan pulling in fresh air

AC yes I run it on 25 c and dehumidifier I am getting today to run later on closer to flower at 40/45

Co2 yes

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To me it looks like those leaves are on coco and that’ll ruin them when its wet. Also if you have any airflow on them the leaf could be rubbing the dirt. Or if you have splashed any water up on the leaves possibly. I stopped planting in flat soil i put my plants into a mound in center of the bucket never had dirt problems again. Hope this helps.


I honestly have a rag i dry all my leaves after if I’ve splashed them at all even if it is just water.

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That’s what I was thinking also. It just doesn’t look like a deficiency.


@Chris420 I’ll tag a couple of people that have been really helpful to me when I had issues. @Covertgrower @Nicky @Myfriendis410


Ok so I shall quit wetting leaves all together and try dry as far as I can if I splash when watering. I started low stress training 2 days ago so they may be touching dirt because I pulled down to one side

Thank you appreciate it

And do you perhaps have a pic of how you plant now in mold

Would you suggest I cut these affected leaves off?

I can post pics later its night time for them now but i just pile up dirt in center of my bucket poke a hole in the center put my seed in taproot down. I also don’t do any kind of training whatsoever. I have been growing auto’s so i did not wanted to stress them out even with lst.

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I personally don’t cut as plants tend to lose them when they are done with them.


What sort of yield you getting without training ?

I harvested a little early on first one because i am almost out and wanted to get my dry /cure started but i got close to 5 zs off one after 10 and a half weeks. If i didn’t have amazon blurples I would have had much denser bud but whats bought was bought so i had to suck it up.


Thats dry weight it was 25 wet.

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