Any ideas what is going on

Hey everyone,
I went on vacation and came home to this on my plants. Any ideas what is going on with them? Soil is FFOF and using FF Trio.

This looks like mold. We’ve seen several outdoor growers with this issue recently.

It can be treated with a dilute spray of hydrogen peroxide.


I’m not too sure as of what’s going on but I’ll tag some other people that grow outside and they can definitely help you out. Good luck and happy growing!
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Maybe this ? Check out the video and compare to what your plant is showing.

what ratio should I mix the hydrogen peroxide and water?

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I agree. I would think a mild case of mold.

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50/50 using a 3 % solution from the drug store.
It will knock it back a bit but won’t cure it entirely.
A product like Safers defender

Or Lost coast plant therapy


Will help kill it off.
Good luck. :+1:

Is this safe to use even if they are in flower?

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Yes. Both products say they are safe to use up till the day before harvest

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