Any Ideas? order #2239552 Granddaddy Purple Autoflower

and this is her twin (same everything from germ, soil, light, etc)


Ever see two twins that look nothing a like?
That’s what you have here :grin::grin:

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Arnold & Danny right hear


If I could throw you a little tip.
Don’t leave spent leaves on your soil. It tends to attract fungus gnats and other bugs.

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:call_me_hand: Thanks i have seen some gnats (2-3) i just assumed it was the warmer moist weather

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Overly wet soil invites gnats. Are you letting your soil dry out between waterings?

yeah every 7 days roughly (i let the moisture meter get down to 1ish before watering) The odd girl has held water longer than the other two in with it

Same in every way. No pH. No PPM. No nutrients. Popped surface the same time. Same strain.

This is how Genetics works. Repel makes a Cylinder yellow tube that is the best I have ever seen catching flies and gnats. I get them at Walmart in the Camping section.

When its dry here, the flies come in for water and they just love that yellow tube.mSimilar to this…

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@Smokinjoe618 Do you test your ppm and ph in and out? Your plant looks like its off. Those #’s can point you in a good direction. The second has good buds on it. Are you a heavy defoliator or is that just how your girls both look?

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I do, I think this was a genetic defect. It has looked sick since it came poking through the dirt.
I have ph of 6.8 (@10 weeks) and have not tested ppm yet. Tester coming today.

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@Smokinjoe618 :+1:t2:

Is it possible to “almost drown” a seed?

it looks like i have the same thing happening to another Granddaddy purple
(2 of 8 seeds now have done this) my 20th grow using ILGM products (all others were 10 white widow, 6 GP, & 2 Banana Kush all great and harvested)

again fox farm ocean soil, germ per ILGM, and water once a week (or when meter shows under 2) (if i feed before week 4-5 i get nutrient burn)

see the new images looks like i have another starting the same way.

@Smokinjoe618 lets hope it gets its sh!t together for you!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Need help! purchased 10 Granddaddy Purple Autoflower (order #2239552). As of today i have grown 8 of them , Unfortunately 2 of the 8 seem to have a defect. see previous images in post. I tend to do two at a time (i do everything identical) one is flourishing while the other looks like this. With doing everything the same and 18+ successful harvests using ILGM, it leads me to believe i have a few seeds that have a defect (only two GDP seeds left and will see what they do once i have space to plant) any help is appreciated

PPM was 1132