Any ideas on what deficiency I have?

Hi All

Thank you in advance for your time and I appreciate your help. Any idea of what deficiency I have??? Pic attached…I’m on 27 days, white widow a


What soil are you growing in? Also, what do the bottom leaves look like?

Looks like spots that from water.

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Ff happy frog…already flushed as well…

Water spots? From spraying while lights on you mean?

Don’t overthink it. Just keep loveing her, but not too much. You don’t want to smother her :joy:. should be just fine, keep doing what your doing.


I had something similar but worse. Couldn’t figure it out and was getting it on new growth. Some have said water drops. Oddly enough it stopped after my plants grew A bit and don’t have that problem now. Im in ffof.

Thanks man…was looking for some confidence…

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Fair enough then…I will just keep doing what I’m doing…thank you!


Yep, and you’re covered.