Any ideas on how to pass urine test?

I have to test today any ideas on how to remove thc? I got a detox drink and have been drinking lots of water.


Good luck is all I have for you

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You can buy test positive kits, I used one years ago and all I can say is follow it to a tee, they usually allow a “ window” in which u test positive which doesn’t last very long. They won’t allow u to pass a test any time during the day in which u need to be tested.
Also remember to urinate once before the test to “ flush” any residual in your system.
I bought mine from a trusted grow shop many years ago, so I wouldn’t know best place to get one now.
My only other bit of advice is to be completely honest with whoever is selling u a kit so they can figure the best one to supply.
Good luck

Thank you😎 drank the detox at noon its been 1 hour and im still positive. So waiting an additionall hour to see if that changes but not looking good. The detox was supposed to work in 60 min😱

Vinegar but y don’t you google it and save yourself some time

I did unfortunately but says vingar is detected now. Not looking good. I drank a detox drink ultimate gold and been 3 hours and still positive. Drank 90 oz of water and 32 oz tea. Tried lemon water, as well. It is what it is.Thanks all🎅

Then call them and tell them that you can’t make it and need to reschedule

Get someone that is not on anything to pee for you!

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buy the artificial urine…tape it to your balls: it gets to body temp…and easier to hide in case of a pee peeping tom. They usually hide behind the mirrors. Make fun of them after you get out.
Call them a pee peeping tom…it won’t hurt cause they either bust you or not.
It will make them realize how chickenshit they and the whole process is.

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You guys crack me up😂
Too late I couldn’t take synthetic , they test for it. I was screwed from get go. It was for Walgreens and they test for detox and synthetic and 2 nd time so supervised. @tanlover442 I dont have balls:rofl:
…i failed.

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Heck with that. Move on to the next one.

Not every company will pay $100 for a super drug test.

No balls…even better. Unless they shine a spotlight…you can hide a small bottle of fake.

Not even gonna try going to be honest . I am a cardholder and this Niv recreational passed as well. I only smoke at night for insomnia so if they cant handle it I wont work for them. Their loss…always have used my daughters, (shes a nurse)but with it being open door I didnt dare😋

I once got a drug-free friend to pee in an insulated cup for me. Then, I put the pee in an iv bag that had tubing attached to it (with a flow clip). That got taped to my stomach, with the tube going into my underwear. I slapped a handwarmer on the part of the bag not against my skin.

I passed. I was even watched, b/c they watched everyone at this place.


Buy some eye drops. Empty the bottle. Then using a syringe refill the bottle with 50/50 water and bleach. Place one drop into the urine sample and one drop only. It will be clear within 5 minutes and if high chlorine is detected then say your on city or county water or you spent time in the pool. Chlorine is normal in urine. I’m a master welder/fitter. Due to the exotic welding and where I perform it , I’m tested up to 6-7 times a year and in 33 years this method has never failed to work. Or just buy some artificial urine which contains urea and a heating kit. Even have jock straps with urine bottle in it so plenty of ways. Just be glad it’s not a hair sample


Unfortunately the quest labs are detecting synthetic, Ive moved on, looking for work in the cannabis profession, thats where my passion is anyways. I live in Michigan so laws are on our side now😆 thanks again for the suggestions

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Wellgenics strip NC
Works in less than an hour.

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It is not synthetic, yes you are correct labs can now detect synthetics.
This is a gel cap that is 100% .

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You are correct. Most Synthetics can be detected however, the synthetic urine containing urea among other ingredients is not detected and can’t be distinguished from natural urine …yet . It cost a little more but well worth it to some folks.

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Dilution is the key. Drink crap-tons of water – a gallon or two until you start to get dizzy from electrolyte imbalance. At the same time take mega doses of a vitamin B complex that will color your urine yellow. For added insurance also take large doses of creatine (they sell it in powdered form at the weight lifters supplement store). Now you can waltz in, whip out the johnson, and fill up a beaker with hot yellow water laced with creatinine.