Any ideas of what this issue may be?

Would you know what would would be the cause of this ?

The flowers dont seem to be forming white pistils and seem to be very yellow

and look nothing like there sisters who are roughly 1 week older

These are outdoors in soil
I recently had to raise the ph the beds average is now 6.2 ( no signs of her being sick whilst it was low)
I have also recently added some guano pellets
Apart from that they have been living off rich composted soil and the occasional (2 week) feeding of worm juice or compost tea.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Well besides the first plant looking stressed out, maybe a result from the pH problem you recently had, that is a hermaphrodite. The very yellow, almost banana or pointy end of a yellow chili pepper, these are the male pouches mixed in with the female flowers. If you look, yes there are some pistil hairs, and some have already shriveled and browned, but it seems to be growing a lot of male flowers now.


Thanks for the speedy response MacG,
This was one of my concerns as i have dealt with a lot of hermies in the past although it doesn’t seem to be the case, it does look like it has bananas on it but they are actually yellow leaves that are refusing to grow
the white pistils that have come out get to a third of the size of normal then die
even the calyx’s are only about a third of the size
Any ideas on how to de-stress?

I think it your soil…well the soil mite be ok but adding more is over kill. I would back off the guano pellets and occasional (2 week) feeding of worm juice or compost tea.
And just water with ph ed water for a couple and see if they change forvthe better.