Any ideas if Male or female?

Hi fellow Weed lovers just after some help any ideas if first two pics are male or female?

I know the next pic is female she’s started to show already early for Australia. Any help would be great. They’ve just been thru 4 days of 20+k winds & no Sun so not looking their happiest luckily the suns come out today poor baby’s.


Can you get a closer photo near the stem? Can’t tell sex from that far away


One good close-up pic please :slight_smile: Areas where stem and branch meet would be da bomb!! One photo per post and that way we can blow them up if needed
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Ok no worries I’ll take some more have 1 here I’m thinking maybe Male I’ll start there.

Still a little blurry when I zoom on that one. Welcome to the forum! I have visited and love Australia!

Hi Matty Bear. Yes usually Australia is awesome for growing outdoors but the weather is crazy over here at the moment. I will definitely get some better photos I know the sex of 2 out of 8 so far. Thanks for trying even with my blurry pics :grinning:

Heya FreakyDeekie I’ll definitely give it a go at getting better pics thanks for trying even with my terrible pics. :grinning:

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It looks male to me but it is blurry. What I am mistaking for male appendages might just be new leafage. I guess you are growing outside obviously :slight_smile:

Yes outside in S.A. Have 2 definite females had to pull 1 Male already. The Weather here has got down to 10-12° at night 19 during day the babies arnt liking it. :disappointed:

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Sad for you @Privateaussie, that you are losing your temps and sunlight so quickly. Good news for us here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is on the way!
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