Any ideas for cool ILGM merch?


Oooh rolling trays who doesnt want a favorite go to rolling tray to go with thier favortite tokin coffee mug and engraved mason storage jars
So many cool ideas rollin here love it


I think the question posed either was lost, or I misunderstand, but I think they are looking for designs to put on all the stuff being mentioned…I saw a few, but with all the medicated minds here, we should get more ideas.


Eeerfaderrf your right @Tr33 missed it guess we just got excited about possible new swag


T-shirts saying “It is NOT a CRIME to GARDEN!”

I would like a 10% royalty please and thank you. @latewood message me for bank deposit details :wink:


Thanks for all the fun, creative ideas! Keep em coming, thanks for thinking with us. :star_struck:


Tshirts and hoodies with a weed leaf with a black amercian flag design inside of the leafs, and a red white blue version,and also would be cool if they offered the shirt with every countrys flag the seeds are available for shipping too


Hi guys,

I did some basic t-shirt designs with the THC logo on this last business day before Christmas. There are some minor variations

Top to bottom:

  • crisp
  • vintage
  • black monochrome vintage
  • white monochrome vintage (my personal fav)
  • full logo

Which one do you guys like best?

Have some great holidays guys!



I like the “crisp” one the best. Although I prefer to wear darker clothing, so the print would have to be white/grey with the red heart…

Do not really see a difference in the first 2…

two other options would be thc logo on back, and ILGM in the typical breast pocket location or thc logo on front, with the ILGM or I :heart: Growing Marijuana on the bottom of one of the sleeves…


i’m with you @ILGM.Support.Roy
question,will you make the :sparkling_heart: red?


@ILGM.Support.Roy I like white monochrome vintage best. Maybe post a poll so the tallying is perhaps a bit easier? Just a suggestion :sunglasses:


The black monochrome vintage


I like the black writing with the red heart and the all white writing. I think those are sweet!


White mono vintage, but I agree about the red heart


Ps - great job in the designs. Thanks for doing this @ILGM.Support.Roy