Any ideas for cool ILGM merch?


How about an ILGM automobile tag frame , magnets for automobiles or refrigerators
And last a journal with ILGM logo for keeping notes


T shirts that list all the places weed is legal

Marijuana Leaf Dream Catchers

A trichome design…They look so cool magnified. (good for those needing to be a little discreet as most would not even know it was a trichome from pot.)

You could put a face and cape on a trichome and make it a super hero!
I will add more ideas as I smoke, lol. I need those free seeds :yum:


Really cool I❤GM socks, Boxer shorts, kitchen towels, waxed hemp string, Shoe strings smart pots with ILGM logo are a few that popped in my mind


That’s so funny that you posted that! Everyone in the Garden got a kick outta that this Wednesday morning (corrected day edit) when I posted my daily funny meme! lol


@70sChick and @LovBudz I didn’t even see the garden this morning!!! I was searching for a white mug because I was trying to photoshop a logo onto it but couldn’t make it work quick enough


That’s even more funny… You’ll have to go check out the garden I’m sorry it was yesterday’s post…
Here’s what I posted so you understand why I think it’s hilarious @VelcroThumb


:rofl::rofl::laughing::joy: @70sChick


6.5 with the the word High under it.


Flower Power with or without a nice pic of bud.


Cloth/plastic pots with ilgm logo on them ranging from 1,3,5,7,10 gallons. Black/White Gloves with red and black ilgm logos on them. Ilgm coasters to set drinks on. Ilgm slippers/ house shoes. Ilgm coolies ( drink holder ). Ilgm posters with logos and different strains. Ilgm calender to keep track of grows. Ilgm lighters. Ilgm bedset. Ilgm sunshade (to block the sun out of your car when parked). Ilgm Flag. Ilgm Phone cases ( android, iphone ect ). If possible ilgm pipes/bongs , ilgm hemp rolling papers. Ilgm belt/ beltbuckles. Ilgm hankerchiefs


What ? No one mentioned? BOM Calendar!


Exactly what I was thinking. Bom calendar would look pretty cool.
What about t-shirts and posters? I hang all kinds of stuff up in my growing area. I’ve always wanted to make a t-shirt or poster with something along the lines of how “I love and respect all the females in my life.” Then maybe something with words across it like “i love and respect all the women(or females) in my life. my grandmother, my mother, my wife, my daughters, and my ‘girls’.” Then add something to the word girls to indicate a sly undertone on “girls” as referring to my medical marijuana plants. Maybe something as simple as putting the word girls in green? I personally call my med plants my girls :smile: the words could be shifted around and changed but I think that’s a basic idea I have.
I was thinking the same thing could be added to a poster with maybe the universal pot leaf fade in the background.? Just jumping off points.
I also like stickers the really nice vinyl ones. I tend to put them on my box where I keep my medicine. Oh maybe like a little box with I love growing symbols and logos on it? Someplace where you can keep your bowls, your smoke, or all your stuff and all in one place? I use a big Tupperware container thingy and would like something a little more permanent and cool looking. Just an idea. Also I don’t know how deep your wanting to go into this but there’s always a possibility of maybe selling head shop type pieces. bowls… water pipes that sort of thing?
I also always wanted a poster or a sticker of the universal pot leaf with the medical symbol associated with it. I always thought that would be kind of cool to keep or put on my box of medical supplies.


@Familyman420 can one ever have too many hoodies? Nope!


Hi Claire, you really need Butane Lighters like Bic. Maybe Sunglasses would have global appeal😎


How about some plant markers with the I❤GM logo and maybe even have the strains pre printed. I know I’d buy those all day long.


ilgm logo printed cloth pots,easy way to customize a product…
and as i said before a simple sticker on a plain 4’‘by4’’ seedling pot very cheap easy merch!
functional too!


Ilgm lanyards for vape pens and keys


Sure would beat my popsicle sticks!


This is the molecular structure for THC.

I have this on a black t shirt with the image in white.

We could have ILGM underneath it or strategically placed on the shirt.:slightly_smiling_face:



That’s awesome! Very cool shirt you have. Yeah that’s what I was kind of trying to think of some kind of shirt with their logo and something different on it. Great idea