Any ideas for cool ILGM merch?


Hi fellow growers!

We are thinking about selling cool ILGM merchandise in the future. But we need some help on this!
Do you have any creative, fun ideas for designs to print on T shirts/ hoodies/ sweaters/ pin/ key rings/ stickers etc?

We might thank you with some free seeds if you have a usefull idea. :grin: :santa:


@ILGM.Support.Claire definitely an ILGM logo coffee mug/ with built in bowl. Ive seen them other places!

Something like this but a solid color with ILGM logo!


I could really use a new beanie, it is getting cold out there…

All I suggest is something with just the letters on it “I :heart: G M” … I myself, can not really walk around with something that says marijuana on it, due to work and other things…

And you can never go wrong with strain shirts, would love to see what people could create for a skywalker OG t-shirt. The possibilities are endless.


@ILGM.Support.Claire or an ILGM notebook/ grow journal


if it is possible. Take like the mug have the ILGM logo on it and somewhere small (maybe like the bowl) put peoples avatar from here personallize it for them.


4’‘by4’’ square seed starting pots with ilgm logo…
would help in many ways!


ILGM vinyl decals
Who doesnt like stickers


Etched Personal sealed nug jars
Etched ILGM mason jars
An actual physical printed bound copy of grow bible!


@VelcroThumb like that idea id grab a few of those. But id vote for hoodys and teeshirts, i would def. wear that and my hard hat has some rooom for am… I❤ GM stickers in it.


I’d buy a strain shirt. I’m thinking Sour Diesel lol.


How about a logo of a plant with huge muscles? Like weed on steroids?


Leather wallets, check book covers, Christmas ornaments and picture frames for the bud porn, silk screen scarves, embroidered patches. Be different from other vendors :grimacing:


Trays, bubble bags, anything we all already use really. I’d buy a shirt and hat for sure. A good hardcopy grow journal to write in too.


Custom grow logs?


Ak47 fully automatic shirts with I :heart: GM and a AK47 outline.
Or white widow with like spiderwebs on the elbows and a white widow on it


@Ron330. For the Skywalker og, you could have a Luke Skywalker with a Yoda character made of bud


How about an engraved hitter box? Like the fancy stuff we use to make back in shop class. Spring loaded hitter extraction and all lol.

Also, what about some sort of genetic storage box? I currently use an irregular shaped cigar box, and it’s quite disorganized. I know many others probably in the same boat with that.


How about a cook book. Who doesn’t like food that makes you feed extra good. :smiley:


@VelcroThumb That’s the picture I saw posted in the Garden this morning. Rofl :joy:


I can draw out some pics tomorrow if you can’t visualize…A MJ leaf that is shaped like eyes for the leafs, with heart for the iris. It can be “growing” out of anything from pots,to pipes. It is representative of I love growing mj, and could be put on shirts or all the other items listed.