Any idea whats goin on?

Hey all…ive got these 3 WWA girls goin. They were all started at the same time. Theyre about 5th week of flower. 2 are budin up good i think. But one is not. Ive read that a

utos can be tempremental and they dont have to be the same. But shes off by a couple three weeks. My lights are on 18/6. I think maybe she wants to reveg and should i switch to 12/12? But once again theyre autos. And a close up of problem child. and their home. Hopin to get these done soon. Not sure how much longer. I think about mid oct? Got 3 new ones to join the party.

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I would just let it go.
Its going to be a monster when it gets there…
Changing light schedule will have no effect on an auto

I disagree with spiney I normally grow my autos under 12-12 some just veg longer but it will not go back to veg they grow under any light schedule it will definitely help and not hurt . The thing is they’re very finicky being all those and they can grow at their own pace no matter what you do


Remember two out of three ain’t bad. Out of my three, one died at about two days, another was growing great turned out to be a male I did get some good pollen now The last and third one appears to maybe be a female I think it’s just starting to bud but she was a dwarf, they don’t mean she’s going to get big old buds on her. By the way those pictures you got some nice buns. Happy growing in a happier harvest

Of auto flowers from the same seed bank some will grow taller and less dense, one will be shorter and more dense than the other of the same parents , FOR AUTOS THIS IS NORMAL. At least for the last four years but the tricromes have always turned from clear to cloudy to amber at the same time or within a couple of days .
depending on if one germinated a few days apart. or longer.