Any idea what these are?

Anyone have idea what these are on my feminized White Widow 4 weeks old.

While not entirely unheard of from feminized seed, I’ve never seen such very clearly male plants from feminized seeds before, lol. I’m sorry, but yes those are male pollen sacks a.k.a. staminate.

Maybe a regular seed was accidentally mixed in with your seeds.

No matter the cause, I know ILGM does have a seed guarantee you can look into. I believe it can be found from the main page or in the shop, and links may have been included in your e-mail order details.

Just because you buy and germinate feminized seeds; Does not guarantee a female plant. You have to provide the correct environment for the seed to produce female traits.

Did you veg this seed at 24/0, or 18/6? Shorter photo periods produce and confirm more female plants. That is a fact!

Well I was assuming they meant it was feminized white widow from ILGM, and as I believe Robert uses the process with colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate and forces a latent, stress-induced hermaphrodite (I’ve referred to these as “late-stage hermaphrodites” as they usually only show late in flower, and usually only with certain significant stresses such as pH induced toxicities or nutrient burn from over feeding that can create similar conditions to the silver substances at the plant’s cellular and hormonal levels), I’ve never seen seeds feminized this way produce a plant that is predominantly clearly male from the get-go.

However, to quote GrassMaster quoting Jorge Cervantes:

And so that brings up some good points:
Which type of feminized seed is it?
How was it treated as it was grown?

And is it still in a vegetative light cycle or is it in a flowering light cycle?

Who knows, maybe it is autoflowering too?

Funny; My info in this threas was learned years ago from The Indoor Grow Bible by J. Cervantes; However, the info is from an excerpt in that book from “Henk” over at Dutch Passion seeds.