Any idea what’s wrong with her?

Hey y’all, hope everyone’s having a great night.

I’ve got 3 plants that just entered flower about a week ago (very early IMO but they are autos so there’s nothing I can do about it) so I pulled them out to flush them a couple days ago and one of them seems to not be doing the best ever since.

I flushed because my runoff was around 5.5 and my ppm’s were through the roof after following the Fox Farm feeding schedule. I 100% understand now why everyone says to ignore those quantities and to just adjust my feeds to a number that will get me 1,000ppm’s, and that is to avoid pissing your wife off by flushing your plants for 8 hours straight.

Anyway, her newer leaves are clawing down. Not all of her leaves, but definitely the new ones. I’ve read that this could be a multitude of different things, but I’m hoping that with the specific circumstances someone will have a better idea of what exactly the problem is:

•she was just flushed/watered 2 days ago
•PH runoff was 6.3/ppm’s were 1,100
•temp range is 70-80 degrees
•humidity 40-50%
•good airflow
•light distance around 18” using 400w LED

What the hell could be wrong? Thanks!


Also I just want to add, none of the lower leaves are doing it, just the ones closer to the top. I was thinking it could be the light when I first saw it and that’s when I changed it from around 14” to 18” but it’s not a very hot light and it hasn’t gotten any better since I adjusted it so I don’t really feel like it’s from too much heat.

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even after the flush to 6.3/1,100? The soil is still wet

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I was thinking the opposite to much water and heavy nitrogen.
Clawing leaves and very dark green. That along with the plant beside it has burnt tips.
I don’t know though I raise photoperiods.

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The plant in the last pic definitely looks like it had nitrogen toxicity and nice work on the flush and numbers, you won’t see instant results. For lighting what’s the PPFD or DLI :love_you_gesture:

That could just be from the pH fluctuation from 5.5 to 6.3… mine did the same thing but towards the bottom leaves. It could be a little shock too… it should recover.


I’m not sure I’m using the Vivosun VS4000

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I just checked the specs and they don’t list either of those values

2.9 umol//J. I’m not good with math but should be close to 1000 ppfd

The PPFD or DLI at the canopy Grow Bro. Do you have a meter or there’s a smart phone called PHOTONE that’s fairly accurate :love_you_gesture:

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Oopps… sorry for the confusion…

Oh shoot no I don’t, I can download it though. What should it be?

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In flower I would shoot for 800 PPFD or a DLI of 40 and up to 50 mid flower. The plant will let you know if it’s too intense by bleached leaves or pointing up towards the light. Photo period plants can take more intensity and have run it as height as a DLI of 60 :love_you_gesture:

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And way to dark green and waxy looking. Nitrogen overload.
Are you using the trio together?


I think is too much water make sure to give water when they need

I thought if the leaves are pointing up to the light that its not enough light?
Also what do you look for if its not enough light?

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Not enought light there will be bigger spaces between nodes. Plant will stretch towards the light it has.

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Usually indicative of too intense, too much distance between node spacing in veg can be related to low intensity and larfy buds at harvest time…too late by then. I went up and down until I started using the PHOTONE App :love_you_gesture:


Right now my DLI is around 70 at the very top of the canopy. My PPFD is around 1,100 at the top and ranges to around 4-500 on the outside of the plants. 60,000 lux/lumens. My Light is about 18” from the plants and I have four of them sitting in a square directly under the light as much as possible. Do I need to change anything? All my other 3 plants seem to be doing great, it’s just this one that’s been clawing since I flushed her. Someone said maybe too much nitrogen

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I’d be surprised if it was overwatering. I only water like every 4-5 days as needed when soil is dry