Any idea what’s going on

Hi guys

I have these 2 plants my Flatmate is growing. He just got some seeds of a bud and planted them outdoors. Not sure what stage they are. They look like they have flowered and reveg? Should I throw them away? Or are they salvageable.

Located in Queensland Australia.


I’m thinkin it’s re-veging which is caused normally by a change in lighting. Like starting a plant to early in spring that it starts to flower then as the days get longer it goes back into veg. If that’s what happened it should be fine I’ve done this before and it did okay anyway


Yah it looks like it was goin to flower but looks like it has changed its mind and started to reveg

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Nope and yep.

I do reveg on purpose.


Thanks guys.

He has put them under a 12/12 light schedule. Let’s hope the plants don’t get too upset going from outdoor to indoor.