Any idea what’s causing this?

Any idea what is happening with my girls? I gave them some cal mag last watering day before yesterday. And the ph is right at 6.8. I have no clue​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

It’s a possible cal mag issue so dosing was correct. Unfortunately it takes more time than a day and any affected leaves will not get better. You have to look at new growth for improvement.

Pot appears wet: you could have just watered but damping off due to over watering is a big concern.


Thank you! I have some more seeds coming and plan on doing ALOT different! I have a pretty nice set up now too.


Yellowing lower leaves? Maybe a little Nitrogen deficiency? I currently have 2 Girl Scout Cookie Extremes growing in 40% FFOF, 40% Happy Frog and 20% Perlite. One girl started to yellow end of week 1 of flower. My fix was 1/4 strength micro nutes, 2 ml Calmag (per gallon of H20) and my normal bloom nute on 4 consecutive watering’s. She bounced back nice too. Pay attention to you ph runoff to make sure you are not getting a lock-out. Otherwise, good job growmie :sunglasses::v::sunglasses:

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Thanks brother :metal::metal::metal:

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