Any idea what is going on with my Blue Dream Autos?

My guess is a CalMag deficiency as a result of lockout due to not watering enough to get 20% runoff, hence nutrient build up in the soil (Pro-Mix HP). I watered well enough today without nutrients to get 20% runoff. I ph’d the water to 6.0. I tested the run off and the Ph was 6.0 on the nose but the PPM was really high, between 2,000 and 1,800 ppm.

Just wanted to see what others thought might be going on. or if I’m on point with my assumption.


During flower, you want your runoff ph between 6.5 to 7. This allows for the roots to take up the nutrients for that flower power!


Could try a flush 25-30% run off with ph water 6.3-6.5 Then follow up rite away with a nutrient feeding with cal mag to the same run off see what happens.


Calcium is best absorbed at a PH of 6.2-6.8. Soil PH range is 6.3-6.8. @TLC had a good suggestion :love_you_gesture:


I’ve got the exact same issue. I tried cal mag, and it didn’t improve, so I flushed mine with plain water. Seems to have slowed it down, and next time I water, I’ll try using some cal mag again. I think if the ph is to low it won’t uptake the available calcium, but diagnosing issues isn’t my strong suit.


I hear ya noticed last nite spots are showing up on the leaves again. Been the last 3 grows this has been happening. It’s flush time tonite with a dose of calmag.

Good luck, I can’t get a handle on mine yet.

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So you all think it’s more of a Ph issue vs CalMag?

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I’m leaning cal mag in my case PH IDK that would be my next move one thing at a time.
What’s your gut feeling?

Is this similiar to what yours looked like when it first started


Mine is more extreme from the moment the leaves come out. Your image looks like a Ph issue to me.

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I’m in coco so the PH I’ve been using is 5.8

My Durban Poison had spots like your Blue Dreams. The plant grew just fine. Just didn’t look the best produced nice bud. I couldn’t get rid of it no matter what I did. I was in auto pots and the Green Crack was fine both plants feeding off the same resivor.

The problem at harvest blended in :v:


Question. Sorry to “hijack” your post. I can not find the new topic or the button to create a new post on my new OnePlus 11 android.

I have two autoflowers that are 7weeks old in a grow tent. KittleZ and Brooklyn sunshine. I have 3 gallon fabric pots and I noticed the one the rights. Leaves started to droop. Now some of the leaves are changing a yellow color. I started fox farm nutrients from an schedule I found here that is similar to the one fox farms has out. I used Evian water at first, but switched to crystal geyser. It’s my first grow. I have 2 100w led lights. I’m giving them nutrients 2 days a week. If my meter says soil is dry, I sometimes will give the plant a little reg water. I wasn’t sure if I possibly could be giving them too much water or too little water. When I feed them, I give each one about 1/2! gallon of water. 2 days ago I was worried about them and flushed them with sledge hammer. I haven’t fed or given them anything since the flush as they are still wet. Any suggestions?

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I responded on Your other post Grow Bro :love_you_gesture: