Any idea what is going on here?

The pistols are rusty but it looks like the buds haven’t opened. These feminized Trainwreck plants have been in the flowering phase for about 6 weeks.


Looks good you still have some to go. At this point patience can be the hardest part…


They look great …sorry are these indoor or outdoor? I grew a couple outdoors last year and the second I saw pistols they were turning orange …and rust colored and I freaked for nothing …also they don’t really ever open the calyx will just continue to swell your in the home stretch

I think this pic shows the cola I had with a giant calyx compared to the rest and a close up of it …


They’re indoors in my grow tent. So with your plants, even though they never really opened, the results were still true to expectations? By results I mean high. Did they get you high? That’s why I’m growing these things, after all.


Lol yes …to be completely honest …the weed got me higher than I have ever been in my life …Now I know someone who grows indoors …and he’s on his 3rd run …and thinks he needs to improve …so idk if outdoors make a difference or not …I couldn’t have expected better weed …the smell and the taste was amazing …and the high literally took over my entire body …the strain was called 90’s Dutch …it’s really just white widow pulled a little earlier for a more uplifting energetic high …the one pictured above was called Mob Boss which is tang tang and chemdawg and that one left a serious aftertaste of orange and also got me totally ripped …the beans fell out of dispensary buds …and I totally grew them better than they do .
I believe it’s harder to simulate the sun indoors and I think the sun has a lot to do with the flavor and terpines the high definitely worth growing …outdoors my first time I pulled down just over 10 oz…between the both plants …I’ve got these going now in the north east !!

The mimosa is an auto and my first ever auto

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How about an overall shot of the plant in white light?


Can’t tell much up so close

Here are some wider shots in whiter light. I also tried to get a decent macro of the trichomes. Though the buds aren’t opening, there are plenty of trichomes. Supposedly that’s where the sweet, sweet cannabinoids live. I’m not seeing any amber yet so I assume they aren’t ripe but, as I’m still a newbie, I’d appreciate some guidance.

Trichomes on the leaves won’t give accurate representation of maturity, you’ll need to get pictures of the bus calyxes.