Any idea what caused this

This happened over the last 8 hrs. It’s a Au͏t͏o it’s Hubbabubbasmelloscope by mephesto genetics. Just about to start week 4 of flower. Nitrogen issue? It’s the only plant that’s doing it out of 8.


Tips are starting to show to many nutrients…
the weird thing is…
that there seems to be something going on with one side of the plant… :thinking:
The lower front side looks affected , but it looks like the other side is fine…
Can you take a pic of the other side…?
Could also be early signs of overwatering… :thinking:

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Yeah looks like it’s starting to claw a bit.

Are you sticking to a solid flood and dry water scedule?

When did you last feed and what were the details of that?

I water then feed have been alternating that all grow. I had been using the gro,bloom,micro of general hyponics but the last time I fed (Tuesday) I stoped using the gro kept the micro and replaced the bloom with liquid koolbloom and added Herculean harvest (liquid bone meal) then today I just watered. @Nicky I also use blackstrap molasses when I feed.

Ya it’s just the one side

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Why the switch in nutes (aside from taking away the grow)
Also is your molasses organic and unsulphered?
Since you told me your run off was 500 something I’m supprized you are having nutrients issues since you are feeding, usually people feed to heavy but your ppm is clearly showing your not.
Don’t think we ever covered PH either tho, what’s your PH in and out?

It’s unsulphured. Added the Herculean to help the plant to start using up anything it wasn’t using? Basically was going for 5-15-10 for my NPK (guess I misunderstood thought that was a good ration during flower?) I ph my water between 6.4-6.8 and the same when feeding.

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Obviously it’s something I did in the last feed everything was fine up until this point! I think I totally overthought everything and should have stuck to what I was doing!! Ugh :expressionless:

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Your PH sounds good but what is your run off PH? That’s important to a degree to you can tell if your in lockout or steering towards lockout.

You were right in the sense you didn’t want to keep doing what you were doing 500ppm is not enough to grow big buds but I wish you caught or asked about that Durring week 1 of flower not week 4… Live and learn right.

There is no set perfect ratio every company claims they have the best but no one knows.
I use chem gro 4-20-39, the company has been selling their tomatoe nutes to hydro growers for cannabis and veggy growers since the 60’s and when cannabis became legal for medical use they tweaked it and made a specific line for cannabis thus the 4-20-39.
Dry nutes in a bag, super cheap, strong and good from what I’ve found.


Ya I’m not sure what my ph is in my run off. Anyway maybe I’ll go back to what I was doing minus the gro? I’ll test my ph out the next feed hopefully it turns itself around. I feel like I’ve taken up way to much of your time today but I really appreciate your help. Yes live and learn lol

I’ll just up the nutes I was using to get my ppm up

I don’t have experience using blooms and micros as I use an all in one nute that is pretty much for flower only, my grow/veg happens in the soil before I need to add nutes.

I woild read the instructions on the bloom+micro, while still remembering the ppm factor, then feed with water. Don’t water first then feed, just mix a bit extra and feed&water to 20% run off.

I’m a contract paramedic for oil companies I basically just wait for someone to hurt themselves all day…

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I actually never got rid of my runoff from today so I just tested the ph and it was 7.08

I also only had probably 10%run off

When water sits it reverts back to a different PH then when its came out or freshly been Ph’d so I wouldn’t say we can fully trust that reading.
That being said its a bit high so when you PH your water and feed shoot for 6-6.4 and watch your run off when it’s fresh.
We have a while before you harvest so we should be able to dial it in.


Is that a radiator or heater it’s sitting by? Could it be something with that? Since it’s localized like that. Do you turn it? Just an observation

That’s a radiator in my bathroom I took the pic in there because it had better lighting

Is the herc harvest from nectar of the gods? If so, I used there stuff for awhile and had all kinds of ph issues. It’s not worth the price or hassle.


I thought surely he doesn’t grow it right there but hey you never know. I’ve seen crazier things. Lol :+1:

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Ya it’s from nectar of the gods!!