Any help would be greatly appreciated

What strain: 2 blueberry auto 2 amnesia haze auto 1 northern lights auto Seed bank: ilovegrowingmarijuana

  • Method: Coco coir promix hp with Sensi grow a&b and Sensi-Bloom a&b big bud
  • Vessels: 5 gallon pots
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable) not sure!
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: not sure!
  • Indoor: 48x48x80in grow tent
  • Light system: 630w double ended cmh lights
  • Temps; Day:75.3 Night:71.6
  • Humidity; Day:45%, Night:45%
  • Ventilation system; Yes,Size:4in in-line fans on each tent and a 6in in-line fan pulling cool air through lights
  • AC: in house Humidifier:na De-humidifier: na
  • Co2; Not yet soon

So what is your question?

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Hi - it is mission critical that you pick up a digital pH meter, a digital ppm meter, and pH up and down solutions for managing your pH. I would be very careful of how much nutrients you are adding in coco. I use 1/4-1/3 of the recommended dosage when I add nutirents, depending on what the last waterings ppm was of the runoff.

The pH of your water or water/nutrient solution needs to be about 5.8-6.0 for that type of soil you are using. If you manage pH and ppms your plant will be set up for success.

Good luck!



What exactly is the issue your having ?

I’m wanting to know when to start nutes on theses autos image

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After they get a couple set of leaves.


Start feeding once the round leaves yellow and die off should be around forth set of true leaves

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I’m not sure wats going on with blueberry auto please help I haven’t started nutes yet

I’m a fairly new grower, planted seeds Feb.1st .
Been learning alot from the great people around here.

In my opinion you can start veg nutes anytime now. I’ve been doing 3 waterings with nutes then switch to straight water for the 4th watering and so on… That kind of rotation seems to work pretty good for me.

Highly recommend getting pH and ppm meters as @Sixpackdad mentioned.


Other than over watering there’s nothing wrong. They should be only getting a teaspoon or two per day and under a dome to increase humidity. When the cotyledons yellow and start to die off is when you can start with nutes as @Countryboyjvd1971 pointed out already. Don’t be in a hurry to start their nutrients; you’ll just burn them now.


I agree with @Myfriendis410 looks like over watering start to feed as instructed @Drew420
He’s on point about not starting to early


That popped up in my pot with blueberry auto plant didn’t kno what it was ?

doesn’t look like cannabis that’s for sure

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Plants are doing great besides couple little spots on leafs they 22 days since they spouted I’m going to upload pictures. I started training (lst) last week and looks like it’s doing great. I have been using sensi coco grow this last week. But if anyone could give little advice on what the spots on leafs is it would be greatly appreciated I also been misting plants once a day

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@Countryboyjvd1971 what you think of them now ? @dbrn32 and any one else that could help with my first grow thanks in advance

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I can’t really tell what the spots may be from, but I’ve never really had a good eye for that stuff either.

The first thing i would do is take a look for bugs. While you’re doing that, see if it will wipe off with your hands, that would indicate something like wpm. I feel like both of those cover a lot of the issues with random white spots showing up.

If its nothing like that, potentially a nutrient deficiency, we would need a little more information to know there.

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Looks good man
I can’t see the spots ? But I don’t have my glasses with me either hahaha @Drew420 I’d say keep doing what you’ve been doing for now

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Here’s pic of spots it’s only on couple leafs no sign of bugs

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