Any help with burnt tips

[Uploading: IMG_20200307_215840821.jpg… 1.nectar of the gods for nutrients.
2.Cocotek for media
3. 3 weeks in veg
5.running an autopot system with 2-1,000watts mh.
7.lights are like 3feet away from plants.
Don’t know what’s causing the burning in the leaves any advice…thanks


Welcome to the forums and thus the community.
Glad to have another autopot grower with us.

First thing is your PH is out of wack to high, 5.8 for soil less mediums.
Looks like on of your pictures didn’t upload, could you give us some more in natural lighting like the 2nd picture?

I think I see clawing but they don’t look green enough for nitrogen toxicity although I feel like your about to get some calcium deficiency…

More pictures will help, I’m off to bed though. I’ll check in tomorrow.


Looks like I’m seeing magnesium deficiency
Not familiar with auto pots and their design.

Also to me looks like they are getting hungry for nitrogen too unless the lighting in throwing me off they don’t look dark green enough to me.

Your humidity could be higher too…here’s a chart for reference.


What he said :point_up::point_up::point_up:(Plus the pH being high for coco).

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Thanks guys


Coco is that supposed to be around ph?

Just looked back up at Nicky’s post saying 5.8 soo yep

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Well I had just refilled the res so I fixed the pH its at 5.8 let’s see how they do in a week also went full boost with nutrients and calmg I was running on a light dose for two weeks this week went full dose

What can I use for good foliar spray during veg???

Don’t, spraying in such a high lighting environment leads to more bad then good. The water droplets turn into magnifying glasses and torch your leafs

Could you post pictures in natural light? Or turn your grow lights off and turn your flash on, the yellow of the grow light makes it hard to tell.

I would agree on the what looks like yellowing I just thought I seen some clawing, but if you were feeding light that’s where your issues are from.
While I would be wary of full strength it would depend how light you were feeding.
Make sure your ppm’s arnt over 1100 for veg

So that was the problem. Then I sprayed them about 3 days ago SHIT…what can I do to fix it

You really can’t fix light damage from spraying. If the water you’ve sprayed collected at the tips it may have contributed to the crispy edges you see. They won’t heal very well, but it’s not going to ruin your plant if you stop with the spraying here.

An EC of 2.1 in veg is fairly high, but as others have said, the leaves aren’t deep green, which is what we usually see with too many nutes. As you are in coco, I can’t comment on deficiencies or excesses with too much confidence. I’m a soil grower. The high pH alone could be causing issues and your levels may be fine. A 6.4 pH in coco will lock out calcium. Check out the left column in the chart.

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Couple things you can do to help with nitrogen deficiency with the Nectar line. When I had the same issue I would foliar spray about 15-minutes before lights out with Pegasus PotIon. It took a few applications, maybe a week, but it cleared up the issue. Another way, that I just learned from the Nectar bible, is to increase the concentration of Medusa’s Magic.

As @MidwestGuy explained your deficiencies could be due to your PH being out of wack.

The best thing you can do as I mentioned before is to sort out your reservoir, and check on your plants daily. Keep your reservoir in a good PH range and give them some time.
Don’t over due it, I would be hesitant to feed to heavy, don’t go past 1000 tds and that’s with cal mag included. Again refer to your feed chart, get it dialed in then PH it and give the plants some time to respond.

Bubblehead has a great tip, it’s just not something I do as it’s for the type of person who is in their garden daily and timing is key. For in experienced growers the risk outweighs the benefits I think and again I don’t do it so can’t advise on it.