Any help witb flushing, harvesting, curing, etc?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thank

Have a few orders. Mainly the white widow. I have harvested 3 plants and Im not sure if I harvested right. I tested it out of curiousity. I got sick and was down for a day. Any help witb flushing, harvesting, curing, etc?


Did you download the grow Bible and read it? All the information you need is in the guides. You just need to take the time and read it and then ask more direct questions. :sunglasses::us:


How long did you dry the plants for. Did you make sure there was no mold on the plants before smoking? How did it smell and taste? Like hay or have a grassy taste to it?


I have the bible. I red the bible. I have a partner. We go back and forth often. To flush or not to flush? We plan on getting scopes to know when to harvest, and other testers. Thing is we have harvested and nice amount. Its been hang drying for about a week now. These buds was flushes with 15 gallons of water. It had a piney, nature taste but I got sick immediately. I tested some that I had been sweating for 2 days. So, Im in the curing phase. Is my buds ruined or how long should I sweat them?


Flushing is a personal preference. Depending on how you dry and cure the buds is what is going to give you your good results. I have talked to more than enough people that both flush and dont flush before harvesting and they all say it works for them. So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s really a personal preference.


My main concern is you got sick, so we have to figure out if its something in the weed thats making you sick.
Did anyone else smoke the weed and did they get sick.
Do you have allergies or are you allergic to anything you know of.

If you did a proper flush, then what is making you sick was on the outside of the plant.
Did you rinse your buds after harvest.
Did you use a foiiar spray during flower.
Did you spray pesticides on your buds during flower.

To properly dryy our weed, hang in a dark area with the humidity around 50% to 60%. You want the buds to dry as slow as possible, 5 to 10 days. When they are dry the outside of the bud will be crunchy. At this point the outside of your bud is dry but the inside is still moist. So you need to draw the moisture out by sweating them. You do this by trimming your buds and putting them into mason jars. This draws the moisture from the middle to the outside. Then for the first week you need to burp your jars 2 to 3 times a day to release the moisture. Leave jars open for 10 to 15 mins. then reseal the jars. This is the start of the curing process. After 2 to 3 weeks of doing this then you can place a Boteva pack in your jar for long term storage. The longer you cure the buds the better they will become. Better taste and aroma.

I hope this helps you out/ :sunglasses::us:


thats why i was wondering if there was any mold on the buds at all.


Could have been mold. That would make you sick, I think, never smoked mold before. Sounds like he did a proper flush so I’m thinking it was something on the outside. Do you concur? :sunglasses::us:


Agreed. Some details about the grow, when he harvested, and how he dried/cured are needed to get to the bottom of it.


No mold. Instead of using the jars i use plastic bags. The buds are beautiful. I noticed while breaking it down, it was like grass. Not crumbly. Now there is no smell, frost is less. I think I ruined my harvest. I’m getting jars today. I could taste a few chemicals that i use. I started using milk n molasses. Then i was introduced to nutrients and my partner has went nutrient crazy, heavy feeding 2 times a week. Its no way to bring buds back from that?


The others here will be able to tell you more. This may be some thing to think about. it both removes and adds moisture as needed. I will be using these my self in a few days. They are re usable as well. You tube has a good video for re hydrating them.


Does a smoked bowl leave a pure white ash? If the ash in your bowl is any colour other than white you still have nutrient residues in the plant material. Mouldy weed is really bad for you, I hope you didnt smoke any .