Any help on this please

Hi all in need of a little help finding out the sex on this little one got told to put it in flower and it should show its sex so just want some opinions on it thanks.

thanks for looking :blush:

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I’m not seeing any signs of either sex. How old is this plant?

It’s about 6 weeks now.

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Il put some more pics of it.

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don’t know if these help at all.

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I dont see any sigh eaither way yet

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Well…I can tell you that I dont see Male parts anywhere. But I also dont see female parts either. You said you switched them to 12/12 right? They will show soon, just check them daily if you have other plants in the room.

Hi will just keep it in with my ones on flower till it starts showing then.

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Cant see either gender but 1 things for sure you dont see any male parts and thats whats most important ! Plants look really healthy overall though . Keep it up man ! She will show you her goods soon enough …just be patient !

first sex will show at the main stalk…where the side stems branch out. it is at that junction where the first sexing will take place. females will show tiny white threads. males will show two dingle berries and will take a week or so to mature…once they do, they will spew millions of spores.
if that happens in a room of females…you will get a bucket of seeds.

A good reason to buy fem’d seeds and not be disappointed after 2 + months of grow n effort.

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Unless your at the next level and your breeding lol but if your trying to scrog or put a lot of effort into a plant, dang right I’m doing fem seeds haha

What it was someone gave me some seeds not knowing what they were so I planted and hoped for the best lol in future its fems all the way a big thanks to everyones input this forum really is the best :+1::star2::star2::star2::star2:


There are ways around waiting it out. You can leave your plant in veg and sex a cutting in a glass of water after plant is about 4-5 weeks old. All you need is a space where you can put cutting that will get 12 hours or less of light. Seems like a hassle, but you can build one out of some plywood or a storage tote, a CFL bulb, small fan and timer. I bet under $50, or maybe even solely out of things you have laying around your house.

In my opinion, regs grow better and are much more stable. Feminized seeds make sense for small home grows, but nothing wrong with growing with regs either.