Any help Identifying this bug

Can anyone tell me what kinda bug this is?

Please any help, thank you

Looks like a springtail. They love to play around in water. They also jump like fleas but are not dangerous to humans and are considered a nuisance pest. When in high numbers they can start to eat your roots but they mainly eat decaying matter.

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Looks like leaf miners also but must leaf miner pics dont show the tenticle parts open like his pic but it does resemble leaf miners also. Gonna check springtails now and see

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It does seem to be black springtails. I have not had any standing water in my tent, however, I do not have plant risers elevating my pots up inside their drip pans, could this have been the breeding ground? They have not seemed wet 24 hrs after watering but TBH Iā€™m not sure I have checked that everytime I watered. I will be now. Fortunately, be them spring tails or leaf miners, the stuff to rid my plants of them can be used during flower so I am a happy farmer. Thanks for the quick assists, I woulda been pacing the floors last night.