Any guesses as to how much longer?

Unknown strain, but she grew well. I have never grown so I have no idea when she’s ready, or how to dry for that fact.
Smells so good I hate to wait, and I would also hate to wait too long

Also, does drying tighten up the buds?
Sorry for being so clueless :sweat_smile:
I’m learning!


Your plant is definitely not ready to harvest and your buds will likely be less dense after drying if they are fluffy. However the good news is they have a ways to go yet so they will definitely start packing on weight here very shortly.

You can find your approximate harvest window based on where you are located online.

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I would check again in another week but, to me, looks like several weeks to go (3?)

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When looking at the trichomes, don’t look on the sugar leaves, they ripen first. I would get a better scope, something like this:


Those pics are very helpful …and now understand why a certain strain my wife and I enjoy tastes like nothing but gives ypu a lot of energy …that’s how I was trying to make this strain but too late now …already past the harvest point where it says you’ll get a speedy high

May as well harvest at the couch lock stage at this point

I’ve also realized this plant smells and looks 1000 more potent than the dispo version I got the seeds from
No comparison and I’ve read peoples reviews that say the buds are way too trim …which I think means under developed or too much trim is left attached
It also has like zero sticky ness and the buds are airy and fluffy

Not what I’m growing here …this is something unlike what it came from even the colors aren’t present in the dispo version
I do know that means nothing tho

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I was kinda guessing a few more weeks too, just impatient lol
I like that scope, seems reasonable too.
Didn’t you do autos? I’ve had an issue with my auto too

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I did 3 autos (Girl Scout Cookie, Purple Punch and Strawberry Cheesecake). One had the issue of being a runt but I think it was because I transplanted her.

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Actually, buds will feel more airy when they dry. That’s normal and that’s why you want them to pack on as much weight as they can while still looking for your desired effect.

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Thank you !! That clears it up
Do the buds also shrink? They just because these are easily twice the size too

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kind of, yes. Some of it comes from losing the water in the plant and some will be lost during trim… here’s one of mine right after harvest and then right after trimming.


I’m outta likes as usual …:heart_eyes:

You should show off your buds more !!! Haha
Looks gorgeous and I hope I can trim mine that good

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Why thank you! I have been lazy about journaling here… Maybe my next grow I will

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Yeah I was reluctant to start one but then I realized all I was doing was clogging up others with questions …and I always read you should take notes and I’m too lazy for all that …so I figured I’d start one just to have something other than memories …

But if and when you start one ….Please tag me

Will do!

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Sorry meant to ask what strain that one was

That was a Purple Punch auto… The plant was massive. Grown outdoors in a 30 gallon 1/2 wine barrel.

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damn …those are huge awesome growing …purple punch …ive seen that around in the dispos by me think the grower is called kind tree …never tried it yet
Would rather grow it myself hahaha

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