Any good microscope or jewelers loop or magnify glass

Is 3 days with out water bad. And any good scopes to see better.:smiling_imp:

Only if the leaves are all drooping and the plant looks like it’s dying. You don’t need a scope or loupe to see that. I under-water at least once in veg and once in flower to see how many days I need to wait between waterings. You need at least a x60 loupe or scope to see trichomes good. Plenty of them on Amazon. The only really good viewing device I’ve found is a cheap microscope. I just clip off a piece of a bud and look at it without anything moving around @irma1010.

I bought this one a while ago. It functions great and can really zoom in but it’s useability sucks. It’s almost impossible to hold it near the buds and focus. It’s only useable if you clip sections off and look at them stationary.

I got this one this summer. It’s fantastic.