Any good cheap ways to wash buds?

Any good cheap ways to wash final harvest? My friend mentioned to fill up a 5gallon bucket with lemon juice another with peroxide and 2 others with plain water then dip whole branch under for like 20seconds start. So example drunk lemon then water then peroxide then water…but I’m lookin for a cheaper way?

I sprayed mine with a hose.

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I use hydrogen peroxide at 50:1 same as I use to start seeds and use a mister set to spray and it cleans those buds right up islandp

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You can’t go wrong with Jorge


Its that video again lmao. I thought it only lived in October.


I think I see brown mold when I looked inside 1 of the colas…cant smoke that right? Throw it away? Or cut and hang it?

Wash it with Hydrogen peroxide and you can use it to make butter. It won’t be very strong but it will do something. I lost a gold leaf like that last grow.

I had a few from a caterpillar. I cut it out and it was fine.

NOT a good idea to smoke or use brown molded rotted crappy ruined buds.

Cut out brown. Keep green.