Any feedback on future growing operation

A question from a fellow grower:

Pretty soon I’m gonna buy 3 strawberry kush seeds which i plan to grow in an isolated wooden box that i put in my basement. It says in the description that the plants grow to be 3 feet so the box I’m gonna make is 4 feet tall by 2 feet wide by 1 foot thick (hopefully that will be enough space). I have a 600 watt hps light that I’m gonna hook up to a reflective wing and put on the inside top of the box. I’ve also read that you need like fans and !@# to keep the oxygen to c02 ratio satisfied so ill probably install them on the sides of the box. I downloaded your grow bible and it said that when the seed finishes germinating and begins the vegetative stage i have to transplant it from a small pot to a bigger one which I'm really worried about because I have no gardening experience and I'm afraid I'll tear the roots and !@# up the whole thing.

So that’s basically all the details of my little growing operation; being an experienced grower yourself if anything about the set up seems at all detrimental to the out come of the harvest let me know!!! I’m investing a good amount of money into this venture so its very important to me that my harvest is very fruitful.

A 2’x1’ grow safe will be cramped, with too bright a light for the space.

The light hangs down 10 inches, a pot for the plant is 10 inches…you just lost 2 feet of your 4 foot tall area.

If you get a 600 watt, the grow area could be 4’x4’, and 6’ tall.

Ok, I’m not one of the grow gurus here but my first grow just happens to include strawberry kush so I can provide advise based on my grow to date, size of plant etc. Based on how mine are doing I believe your grow space is too small. You could probably grow one plant but I absolutely would not attempt 3 in that small of a space. The 600w light is too much for that space and heat could be a potential problem. You mentioned you had concerns about transplanting, I simply soaked my seed for 24 hrs, planted in soil in a 10 gal pot and waited… After 4 or 5 days she sprouted so no additional transplanting necessary. I know 10 gal pot may be overkill but I wanted to make sure she had plenty of room to stretch her legs…
Good luck and keep us posted please!

Ntense … I like to use the really large containers too. I grow outside in pots. The bigger the better.

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What size grow space would you suggest for growing 3 of the strawberry kush seeds and what kind of light? I based all of my thinking on the details section of the description (of the strawberry kush) which was why I thought 4’ tall x 2’ long would be good because it said that the height was 10"-37" was height range, so thank god i asked cuz i would of been !@#$ed if I started it and there wasnt enough space. Also would 3 gallon pots be enough for fully spread roots?

P.S: You said you grew strawberry kush seeds before, when it got to harvest time were the buds as red as they look in the picture?

What do you mean by ‘flip to flower’ and would 3 gallon pots be too small? Also will the plant start to flower on its own or is there something i have to do to start it. Is ‘flipping’ it what makes it flower?

1st thing I would recommend is to download the free grow bible on this site. Read it thoroughly and it will most likely answer the majority of your questions.

When I say flipped to flower that is only a reference to going from a 18/6 light schedule to a 12/12 schedule. The shorter light period induces flowering on the plants. If your growing auto flower plants I believe they will start flowering on their own.

3 gal pots should be sufficient for your grow. A lot of folks on here have much more experience than I so hopefully someone else can jump in and make a few suggestions on room size for your light. Whatever you do make sure you have good ventilation, exhaust and return air to replace co2 and help keep heat to an acceptable level.

Thanks so much you’ve been very heplful and I’ve downloaded an read through the grow bible, its just it good for general questions but what I really need to know is things about my specific situation and there isn’t a section about pots which is why I have to come here with all my questions…

Lastly when will the plant flower with out you switching the lights? If now how do you know when to do it?

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and I’m talking sitting in the room for 10-15 minutes and looking for that pin hole of light and patching that light leak, so it is completely dark… If the plant doesn’t get those 12-hours of darkness, it won’t flower, plan and simple… I am not questioning your knowledge or wisdom but if this is the case how do they flower outdoors?

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Well im going to grow 2 plants in a 7x3x3 closet will with a 600 watt mh light(veg) and hps(flower) I know thats gonna be very hot but im installing a fan into my ceiling that will suck the hot air into my attic and keep it at a constant 65-80°.

I guess what I really want to know is if the wattage of a light is truely proportional to the yield (I read it was).

Also a couple miscellaneous questions:
-Will 3 gallon pots be enough space for the whole grow with out the possibility of any rootbounding?
-How far from the plant should the light be? (You should probably know I have a small reflective wing where I socket the light)
-I know that while veg-ing the plant needs an 18/6 light/darkness schedule and 12/12 while flowering but what about before its spouted during germination?
-About how long should the plant veg and flower for, and how tall should they be when you decide to switch?

I understand there’s not always cut and dry answers but id really appreciate if, given my circumstances you provide the best answer to suit my situation.

I Really REALLY Appreciate It,
Brandon *******

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Good info but this is where I am at. My fresh air fan allows light in and there is also the electric cords coming out a vent up top. It is a small amount of light and I believe my plants Are happy as they appear to be prepping for the flower. We will see. It has been 1 week of 12/12. I will keep posting the progress.

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