Any extra tips for a new second year outdoor grower in washington state, the eastern part

Ok this is my second grow. Outdoor. In eastern Washington state. Any tips as far as helping me get big nugs. I have the bergmans food and i also have MOAB mother of all blooms. But i would really appreciate some positive input. Thanks. Oh and the grow is. I went a little nuts here… blue cheese ,blue haze,blue dream, pineapple kush, marionberry kush, and chocolope. I know , i caught the growing bug. And i dont even smoke it but once in a blue moon. My girl smokes though. Alright, peace out and stay safe.

Nice plants. Keep them fed and watered, and being they’re outside they should get plenty of light, so the buds will take care of themselves. Just watch for caterpillars, and other pests. Once you do get some big buds going, also watch for rot. I’m betting you can’t protect them from rain, so that can be an issue. Not familiar with your weather there, but hopefully they’ll start flowering soon because they’ll probably take 12 weeks to finish once they start flowering.

I don’t grow outdoors, but have a buddy that does. I’ll look on his IG to see what nutes he uses on his outdoor girls.

Petra Tools Crop Defender for bugs
Using Jacks 321 on some of the ladies and mostly organic stuff on the rest.